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Adds almost 100 songs split between five new radio stations, divided up by genre. Includes period-friendly rockabilly, big band, country and gospel, and pop rock tunes, as well as a Raider-controlled psychobilly station for the modern greaser in all of us. UPDATE! Bonus Christmas radio station now available! Happy Holidays, Wastelands!

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SMALL UPDATE: I haven't forgotten about this mod! The holidays and some fairly serious financial issues have put it on the back burner, but the DJ banter has been written (about a dozen lines per DJ so far), some new music has been prepped, a brand new area (South Freeside) has been half-built for use by the new radio stations, and an extensive framework for the quests has been finished. I'm splitting the mod, too, between a radio station only version, and a deluxe version with new areas, items, perks, characters, and all that jazz. Assuming I can sort out my money woes and get some voice recordings, the next major release should give you guys, at the very least, the DJ banter and visitable radio stations. No date on the next release yet, but it should be some time early next month.

The first "official" release for radio Free Wasteland! Huzzah! This mod adds five new, full-sized, lore friendly radio stations, accessible via your Pip Boy. The radio stations include:

Hep Cat Radio: Rockabilly and vintage rock and roll.
Rockin tunes to race hot rods to. Started by Cry-Baby Walker, leader of the Vault 21 Chapter of the Tunnel Snakes, this radio station is a favorite of Freesiders, Vegas teens, and any rebellious greaser with a well-used comb. Includes both classic rockin' tunes as well as a few contemporary rockabilly stars. SQUARES GO HOME!

Molerat Radio: Pop-rock with a 50s and 60s feel.
Bobby socks, malt shops, and highschool heartache, Molerat Jack is on a mission to bring YOU the best in golden oldies. Includes classic rock and roll, doowoop, and instrumental music from the 1950s and 1960s. SQUARES WELCOME!

Wescott Radio: Country western and gospel.
A Light in Dark Times for those Left Behind. Broadcasting out of an abandoned Vegas wedding chapel, Miss Daisy Newlin focuses on an eclectic mix of classic country western, blues, religious songs, and other "precursors to rock" from the early and mid 20th century.

Radio New Reno: Jazz, swing, and big band.
For the old school Fallout fans! Mr New Reno, a diminuitive ghoul who HATES New Vegas and everyone in it, owns and operates the local Radio New Reno affiliate station. This is probably the closest station to your "traditional" Fallout soundtrack, and even includes a few old favorites from previous games.

Raider Radio: Psychobilly and neotraditional country.
As seen on the previous release! Owned and operated by a reclusive raider, Betti van Doren, this station plays mostly psychobilly music. Despite it's 30-odd year legacy, Psychobilly is still very much a niche genre, so don't fret if you've never heard of it! Psychobilly is what happened when punk rockers of the early 80s started listening to old school rockabilly. Like the Sex Pistols in pompadours and drainpipe trousers, or pissed off, foul mouthed Elvises who traded hound dogs for zombies and Maybellene for Bettie Page.


IMPORTANT!!! Due to the sheer size of each station, the music tracks are included in separate zip files for each station. You will need to:

Download the master .esp file. Stick it in your Data folder and activate it via your Launcher menu.
Download the individual playlists. Each radio station is located in it's own zip file; simply unzip and merge with your Data folder, keeping the folder structure intact. No vanilla resources will be overwritten.

NOTE ON RAIDER RADIO: The old Raider Raido beta (located in the Optional files along with the other stations) contains all the sound files you'll need to get the psychobilly station working. The esp located in that file is outdated, so either ignore it or delete it.

To uninstall, delete the .esp and the music tracks, located in Data/Sound/songs/churchradio, .../radionewreno, .../raiderradio, .../hepcatradio, and .../moleratradio


Snoopy GECK users might notice some unused resources in this mod. I hope to add interactive DJs, banter, new items, perks, and a series of small radio-related quests in the future, so keep an eye out for updates over the coming weeks and months. See my discussion thread for further details!


This is still very much a work in progress! The sound quality is a bit spotty right now; volume levels aren't fully debugged, some tracks are too high def, some are too low def, and while I've been using it myself for a couple days now, I can't guarantee every playlist works as designed! If you notice any flagrant errors, please let me know the track or station so I can work on it for subsequent releases.

The playlist will be added to and updated over time. I've tried to grab a mix of songs, from a wide range of lore-friendly genres, classic tracks and less well known ones, from old bands and new bands with a sufficiently retro sound, but I am but one man. If there's a band or specific song you'd like to see included in the future, please let me know! I won't be able to fill every request, of course, but it should give me an idea of what you guys are interested in! GNR had about 20 songs on it's playlist; I'd like to get between 20 and 30 songs on each station.


Raider Radio
Batmobile- Transylvanian Express
Demented Are Go- Satan's Rejects
Frenzy- Robot Riot
Guana Batz- I'm on Fire
Hank Williams III- I'm The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised
Los Straightjackets- Munsters Theme
Reverend Horton Heat- Where In the Hell Did You Go
Reverend Horton Heat- Bales of Cocaine
Reverend Horton Heat- Wiggle Stick
Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billys- Understand Your Man
Stray Cats- Rumble in Brighton Tonight
The Amazing Royal Crowns- Bettie Page
The Cramps- I Was a Teenage Werewolf
The Meteors- Little Red Riding Hood
The Meteors- Wrecking Crew
The Meteors- Graverobbing Bastards
The Quakes- 1000 Kats
Unknown Hinson- Venus Bound

Hep Cat Radio
Big Booper- Chantilly Lace
Bill Haley- Rock Around the Clock
Buddy Holly- Everyday
Buddy Holly- Peggy Sue
Carl Perkins- Blue Suede Shoes
Chuck Berry- Johnny B Goode
Dick Dale- Misirlou
Eddie Cochran- Come on Everybody
Eddie Cochran- Twenty Flight Rock
Gene Vincent- Be Bop A Lula
James Intveld- King Cry Baby
Jerry Lee Lewis- Crazy Arms
Jerry Lee Lewis- Great Balls of Fire
Kim Lenz & The Jaguars- Shined Up and Ready to Shout
Pep Torres- Lorena
Pep Torres- Luck Is On My Side
Ritchie Valens- Donna
Sleep LaBeef- Ring of Fire
Wanda Jackson- Fujiyama Mama
Wanda Jackson- Hardheaded Woman

Molerat Radio
Bobby Darin- Dream Lover
Del Shannon- Runaway
Dion and the Belmonts- Runaround Sue
Dion and the Belmonts- Teenager in Love
Everly Brothers- All I Have to Do is Dream
J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers- Last Kiss
John Leyton- Johnny Remember Me
Manfred Mann- Do Wa Diddy
Patti Page- How Much is that Doggie in the Window
Ricky Nelson- Hello Mary-Lou
Santo & Johnny- Sleep Walk
The Cascades- Rhythm of the Rain
The Chordettes- Mr Sandman
The Court Jesters- Roaches
The Crew Cuts- Sh'Boom Sh'Boom
The Penguins- Earth Angel
The Shangrilas- Leader of the Pack
The Tornados- Telstar

Wescott Radio
Carter Family- Can the Circle Be Unbroken
Etta Baker- Carolina Breakdown
Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue
Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues
Johnny Cash- The Man Comes Around
Hank Penny- Let Me Play With Your Poodle
Hank Williams- So Lonesome I Could Cry
Maddox Brothers and Rose- Move it on Over
Mississippi John Hurt- Louis Collins
Sister Rosetta Tharpe- Down By The Riverside
Sleepy LaBeef- Strange Things Happening Everyday
The Louvin Brothers- Great Atomic Power
The Louvin Brothers- I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
The Louvin Brothers- I Like the Christian Life

Radio New Reno
Benny Goodman- Sing Sing Sing
Billie Holiday- Strange Fruit
Bull Moose Jackson- Big Ten Inch
Cab Calloway- Minnie the Moocher
Cab Calloway- Reefer Man
Danny Kaye- Ballin the Jack
Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross- Twisted
Frank Sinatra- All I Need is the Girl
Frank Sinatra- The Hucklebuck
Glenn Miller- In The Mood
Louis Armstrong- A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Louis Armstrong- What a Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong ft Danny Kaye- When the Saints Go Marching In
Roy Brown- Butcher Pete
Patti Page- Tennesse Waltz
Vera Lynn- After the Rain

[size=15]!!! SPECIAL HOLIDAY BONUS !!![/size]
Limited Edition Christmas Radio, FREE by mail with Twelve "Nuka-Cola" Brand Proofs of Purchase OR by Internet Download!

Many, many years ago, in the golden age of PreWar America, there was one special holiday that embodied the values that made America so great- consumerism, industry, consumption, and travel! That holiday was known to all as "Christmas", and it brought cheer, togetherness, and most importantly, presents to all. While the War claimed most cultural traditions as casualties, it could not fully extinguish the memory of that greatest of festivals from the minds of the survivors. Wastelander, Vaultdweller, Enclave, or Ghoul, Christmas may be but a shadow of it's former self, but it still brings joy to the hearts of all. Except Super Mutants, who hate everything.

So once a year, the various Radio stations across the Mojave set aside their differences and band together to present some timeless holidays classics for your listening pleasure. Radio Rudolph plays the best in PreWar Holiday tunes, and includes some cuts recommended by all five Radio Free Wasteand DJs- from classic Christmas crooning to swingin' songs that'll Rock your Reindeer.

SPECIAL THANKS to the UESP.net community, especially Lunarsweets for the idea! Skooma's on me.

Unzip and merge with your Data folder. The Christmas Bonus station uses a separate esp from the main Radio Free Wasteland one, so be sure to activate it!

Andy Williams- It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Billy May- Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Mambo
Bobby Helms- Jingle Bell Rock
Brenda Lee- I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus
Chuck Berry- Run Rudolph Run
Cordell Jackson- Rock and Roll Christmas
Dean Martin- Let It Snow
Eartha Kitt- Santa Baby
Elvis- Silent Night
Frank Sinatra- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Freddy Cannon- Have A Boom Boom Christmas
James Intveld- Christmas Without an Angel
Louis Armstrong- Zat You, Santa Claus?
Nat King Cole ft. Natalie Cole- Christmas Song
The Beach Boys- Little Saint Nick
The Creepshow- Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)
The Reverend Horton Heat- Santa Claus Is Coming to Town