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Multi follower control interface for giving radio commands to up to eight different companions.

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Remote Control Companions V7c

This mod requires the latest version of NVSE
You can download FOSE here http://nvse.silverlock.org/

Recent Changes

4-6-13: Fixed a script error in the follow all command which could have effected following behavior.

3 30 13: Added an all selection to the Remove Script Package option by request. This option will remove script packages from all companions within 5000 game units of the player, aprox 250 feet

3-17-13: Corrected a script error that caused the Mark Home options to malfunction when selecting spots higher than two.

4-29-12: Some adjustmemts have been made to accomodate changes in the game code. Main one being that the controls for the Move To Target command have been updated. Now the first time you use this command a message will ask you to set two keys to control the foward, and reverse movement of the marker actor. You must choose keys that are not bound already to game controls, or another mods buttons. If you select a key already in you you will be warned and asked to try again until both keys have been set. If you want to change these keys in the future simply holc down the grab key while clicking the Move To Target option and the menus will start again.

Also changed is the addition of companion names in the menus thanks to the recent script extender functions. This is a double edged sword really. Now buttons will be replaced with your companion's name, and empty slots will display as . When adding a companion select one of the slots, otherwise those buttons shouldn't be pressed.

Another change is companions that are set to anything other than follow will have their teammate status set to 0. This is to ensure that waiting companions stay put, and don't fast travel with you. Giving them the follow command will reset them as a teammate.

I also revamped the Attack Target option to git rid of that part of the script causing an error and making the third menu disappear.

Lastly I went through the edit stats menus and tried to make them cycle more logically.


This mod allows you to issue commands up to eight companions remotely. An inventory item called the Command Headset will be added on starting the mod. Set it to a hot key for best results, then simply press your hot key to browse the list of companion options.

This mod does not add any companions to the game. Instead it allows you to give orders to any companions set to player teammate, even companions added by other mods. No need to be close enough to your companion to click them for options just bring up the Command Headset.

To add a companion select the Add a Companion option, then activate the companion you want to add same as if you were trying to talk to them. If you get a message that the actor is not set to player teammate you will have the option to make them one.

The Menus

Menu one accessed by pressing your assigned hotkey, or by clicking it in the inventory.

Follow Long
Warp a Companion to Me
Add a Companion
Remove a Companion
Edit Stats Heal Companion

Menu two accessed from the more selection in menu one, or by holding down the zoom key and bringing up the headset.

Companion Wheel
Enable/Disable Companion Low Health Warnings
Actor Settings
Resurrect Companion
Lock Companions Gear
Unlock Companions Gear
Remove Script Package

Menu Three accessed from the more selection in menu Two, or holding the grab button and bringing up the headset.

Attack Target
Move to Target
Patrol Points
Draw Weapon
Holster Weapon

Menu Four accessed from the more selection in menu Three, or holding the use button and bringing up the headset.

Go Home


If you need to use your companions default packages make sure to use the Remove Script Package option to clear any packages added by this mod.

Some of the options in the last menu won't be persistent unless the actor has no AI packages added to them in the GECK. They will remain persistent as long as the player is in the same area though. For this reason it's always best to set your companion to wait mode before adding then as a companion with this mod. That way if a package added by this mod expires the actor will remain in the area.

For sit and sleep packages you should make sure the companion is close to the furniture item you want them to occupy.

Option Descriptions

Share - Opens the selected companions inventory

Follow - Sets the selected companion to follow mode

Follow Long - Sets the companion to follow at a greater distance

Wait - Sets the companion to wait at their current location

Warp a Companion to Me - Choose to immenditely move one or all of your companions to your location

Add a Companion - As stated above this is used to set your companions to a numbered slot in the menus

Remove a Companion - This will remove a companion from their current slot, and remove script packages added by this mod

View Companion Stats - Lets you view your companions S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes, Skills and Vital Statistics. You can also edit your companions stats from this menu by selecting Edit under the skill set. This Edit option will track the points you have removed, and added. You must first remove a point to be able to add it somewhere else. Stored points are displayed on the first line of the menu, and if greater than 0 you will not be able to exit the menus until you spend those points. S.P.E.C.I.A.L and Skills can be edited using this option. From the Vital Statistics menu you can apply Stimpaks (if you have them in your inventory) to your companions health and body parts. Healing is based on the same system used to heal the player, but will not be effected by mods that alter Stimpaks.There is also a selection to show companion addiction to chems when chems have been used from the Stealthboy/Chems menu.

Companion Wheel - Opens the selected companion wheel.

Enable/Disable Companion Low Health Warnings - This will enable, or turn off, warnings when your companion is down to 25% health. You can select to then heal your companion using a comprehensive healing menu, or ignore the warning and turn them off.

Actor Settings - Lets you toggle Essential and Quest item settings on or off on your companion. Essential means the companion can't die, but can be knocked out for a brief period of time. Quest Item will give your companions priority when the player is changing progress states, like moving through a load door. It will also prevent dead companions from being removed from the game if the cell they are in is reset. This can give you time if you want to resurrect them but don't have the chems. Most of the companions are not quest items so use this setting to change that. Added a third option to toggle on and off player teammate status to deal with player teammates following the player during fast travel when given the wait command.

Resurrect Companion - Companion died and you are sad? You must have one each Med-X, Buffout, Jet, and Stimpak to resurrect your companion.Target the downed teammate with your cross hair and use the resurrect option. You must be close enough that you can activate them for this to work. Make sure to take any items you gave them before using this option in case their inventory gets reset. I am removing their items to a safe container, then replacing them after they are resurrected so you may not have to remove their stuff, but better safe then sorry. It has been reported that resurrecting actors can cause crashes in some cases so make a save before you resurrect them if you have any doubt. In the case of vanilla companions some of their variables will get reset and their dialogue will change to as if you never hired them. They will still act as your companion though, and the variables can be reset in the console if you know what you are doing.

Lock Companion's Gear - This option opens an empty container where you can add items you want your companion to equip. Just transfer items from your inventory to the empty container and your companion will equip those items, and be unable to remove them. Only works for wearable items and weapons. With forced gear you will be unable to remove the items your companion has equipped when using the share items option. To unlock those items so that they can be removed use the following command "Remove Force Companions Gear". You can use this option to force the companion to use only melee or ranged weapons. Once a weapon is force equipped using this option the companion will be unable to equip and other weapon until you use the Unlock Companion's Gear option. Works with grenades also

Unlock Companion's Gear - This will over ride the above command that locks the companions gear, and open his inventory so that you can remove/add items with out them being locked in equip mode.

Remove Script Package - This option will remove script packages added by this mod. For some companions it may be necessary to use this option if you elect to use your companions normal commands instead of using the Command Headset. If you use your companions normal commands after using a command from the Command Headset, and they do not respond use this option to force them back into their default behavior.

Attack Target - Select a target using your crosshair and press the activate button. Friendlys will be green, hostile red, and hostile animals yellow when under your cross hair. After 15 or so seconds if you haven't pressed activate the command will terminate.

Move To Target - This option will place a blue shaded actor into a position near your cross hair. This actor represents the relative position that your companion will try to reach when giving this order. Pressing the attack button will increase the distance of the Marker NPC, and the zoom button will decrease the distance. When the Blue shaded actor is in a position you want your companion to move to, press the activate button then order your companions to Run, Walk, or Sneak to the location. Use this as a type of tactical order to get your companions into positions you want them in. This option can be used even in combat to have your companions move to another location while laying down cover fire, or even retreat if you select an area far away from the fighting. Additional adjustments can be made to the Marker Actor. Holding the Attack and Zoom buttons will raise the Marker Actor. This can be used to set him at levels higher up that he could not normally reach (of course if the area doesn't have a clear path that your companion can navigate to the location they may not try, or they may take an unusual path determined by the pathgrid, so use your common sense). Pressing the Grab key will rotate the Marker Actor clockwise. When your companion reaches their destination they will face the direction the Marker Actor was facing, so you can use this to orient them properly. Lastly you can adjust the speed at which the Marker Actor moves to and away from you by holding down the run key to increase the speed, and the sneak key to decrease speed. The adjustment is very gradual so it may take more than 10 seconds to notice a difference.

Patrol Points - With this option you can set up 4 different patrol paths, and have your companions use them. You have the choice of 2,3,4 or 5 patrol points which you place by pressing the activate button for each point. Once you set the path up you can select one of your followers to start patrolling the points you have laid out immediately, or you can select abandon which leaves the path points in place, but doesn't assign an actor to patrol them. Select the next command "Use Existing Patrol Points" to get actors to follow patrol points already set up. You can set these up out side your homes, or where ever you need, and they will remain there and usable with the use existing patrol points option. You can relocate them at any time also.

Draw Weapon - Selected companions draw their weapon until told otherwise.

Holster Weapon - Selected companions holster their weapon unless in combat.

Stealthboy/Chems - Allows you to apply selected ingestibles to your companions. There is a small chance Companions will become addicted to chems. To cure addictions you must be inside the Megaton Clinic, or near the doctor in the Rivit City clinic when selecting the Cure addiction selection from the "Edit Stats Heal Companion" menu.

Relax - This package will allow your companion to wander around and use random idle markers if they are present in the current cell. This command is not persistant so it should only be used when you are in the same cell as your companion. If you reload a save or the actor re-evaluates their packages it will be removed.

Sit - Should allow the actor to sit if a chair is near their location.

Eat - Actor will eat iguana bits. Most times they will try to find a place to sit when eating. If they don't have iguana bits it will be added for the package. Sometimes they may drink even though they should be eating. If this happens try giving the command to refresh the AI.

Drink - Actor will drink a Nuka Cola, or a beer based on a random percent. Again they will try to find a place to sit when drinking, and a drink will be provided for use in the package.

Sleep - Actor will sleep if a non-owned bed is near.

Go Home - You can mark up to eight locations, and tell your companions at any time to travel to one and wait for you. It could be your home, a bar, a lonely streach of road, anywhere really that you mark beforehand.You must mark at least one location before you can send any companion using this option.


Extract the contents of this archive to the Fallout NV folder. Select the RemoteControlCompanionsPlus.esp in the data files section, and launch the game.