Albrecht and Vashts FN FAL Rifle by Vashts1985 and LT Albrecht
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The FN FAL. Designed by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium and used by most NATO countries (even Germany before the introduction of the G3).

We saw it in Fallout 2, and in Fallout:Tactics too. Now it's back in Vegas.

In the market, Vervier (the one with the Hat and Reinforced leather armour) sells the FALs, He sits on a chair under a neon sign, the other vendors are there for flavour (but do function). To enter the market talk to the receptionist and pay the entrance fee.

Version 0.50 is now out
-New Location
-Reworked factory
-Properly functioning L2A1
-Bugfixes galore

This version is a springboard for future content, it's quite possible that the FAL and market could diverge into two mods, or the FAL could stay in the market as is (or improved) and the market could become the main focus. Depends what I feel like and what people want.

Patch 0.45B is out...and Obsolete
-Fixes L2A1 texture issues.
-Reduces supressed FAL spread.

Version 0.45 is out...and Obsolete

-Suppressed FAL
-Crate with one of each added to vervier's shop and his personal ownership. He should now always have at least one of each type of FAL.
-More visible entrance. Looking east from the 188 there is a sandbag bunker atop one of the small ledges, the door is on the rock face in front of it.

Version 0.43 is now...and Obsolete

-Integrates the fix for the shop not selling L1A1s, the issue should disappear (hopefully).
-Includes the previously missing L1A1 folding stock model.

Version 0.42 is now out... And obsolete

-Fixes to L1A1 not being for sale
-increased FAL accuracy
-misc. fixes

Version 0.41 is now out...and Obsolete

There is a new vendor in a cave to the east of the 188, the door in is on a cliff face to the north of the road eastwards. I may add some exterior decoration to make it more obvious later.

The new vendor fixes the 'vendor has no stock' issue, as well as any incompatibility with anyone else changing the 188 Arms merchant.

V0.4 Includes:
-FN FAL and 3 mod options:
~Svc. Rifle receiver, for extended barrel (lowers spread).
~Sniper Rifle Carbon Fiber parts for Folding stockl (Lowers weight)
~Varmint rifle scope for Night scope (Night vision at night, increased zoom, scope optic)

-Fixes Missing mesh bug in 0.4 by including the meshes for the bonus 'service carbine' weapon.

Version 0.3 is now out...and Obsolete
Scope changed to a more fitting varmint rifle scope, still uses trail carbine mod. The L1a1 now uses a different attack anim (with recoil) and amaximum semi-auto rate of 10 rounds/sec because with an L1A1 the maximum fire rate really is how fast you can pump that trigger. The weapon was originally automatic, after all.

Version 0.2 is now out...and Obsolete
Includes scope and Extended mag modifications, uses trail carbine scope and assault carbie magazine upgrades. The L1A1's recoil should be fixed.

Credits for the scope go to Pete and Acidsnake from FPSbananna as far as I know, if anybody recognises this particular scope mesh please let me know.


Vegas Arsenal: FN FAL

this mod adds the FN FAL to Fallout: New Vegas


Original model: Pete,

Original texture: Millenia(FN FAL), Pete(L1A1)

Fallout 3 compile and plugin:

Fallout New Vegas Compile, plugin & Mesh edits:
Lt Albrecht


Folding Stock:
Jackpack (further credits available from Jackpack's weapon addons pack, for Fallout 3)

L2A1 LSW Foregrip:
Taken from a port of the 'FN-FAL Izzy Series' skin from Counter-strike source.
The Noid
The Spork


Extract the rar file to an empty location, then copy the contents into [installdir]/Fallout new vegas/ Ensure the contents of the mod /data folder end up in New Vegas' /Data.


the works contained within "FN FAL.rar" are free to use with Fallout 3. permission is

hereby granted to anyone who wishes to include these works in conjunction with a "pack"
under the terms of:

A. any and all contributing author of each work to be used are credited to their contributions and displayed in plain view within the description of the release and the
Readme.txt accompanying the release.

B. the artistic works used from "FnFalV5.rar" remain intact and as they came originally.
NO reskins/recolors/mesh edits will be permitted for public download without prior confermation from the original artist. PERIOD. By this the primary artist is Vashts1985. However, as publisher of this version, I, LT Albrecht reserve the right ot refuse permission unless the express consent of vashts1985 is given.

specific edits may be discussed with original authors and would have to meet their approval.

C. the works contained within this modification are never to be used for profit.

at any time at the discretion of the authors of the works contained in "FnfalV5.rar" these permissions may be revoked.