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Rex is Companion mod which changes how cyborg-dog Rex looks.

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for DALLs - Rex



Rex is Companion mod which changes how cyborg-dog Rex looks. Dogmeat was scrap-yard dog while NV Rex is pile of scrap himself. As I like my game-dogs to be proper dogs rather then Dr. Frankenstein bad-day creation thus my "new" Rex. This "allegedly" augmented pooch works quite nicely for me as there is only one verbal line / mention in game of his brain being in med-gel case. So I can only hope that you can live with that. Otherwise this new "Dogmeat-Rex" should not spoil your fun of running around with your the most faithful companion. As for action / idle sounds they have been changed back to normal dog as I like them better. Love for squeaky cyborg-dogs is rare and acquired taste I don't have so don't complain to me about it.

Extract or copy/paste Dalls_Rex Data folder into your Fallout New Vegas game folder. To activate use Mod Manager or game Data Files (mod check-in) option. Later one can be found on NV start game screen.

Load order should not be of any importance if you don't have any other Rex mod / one which does same as this mod. There should not be any conflicts in game or in / with your new / previous saves.

If unhappy with this mod for whatsoever reason check structure of my mod files and then remove all of them from your game Data folder (meshes/textures and .esp).


Free to use but if resources supplied are used for modding contact me for permission.

Enjoy! ;)

Thanks to Bethesda.