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Adds glow sticks in two sizes and a variety of colors

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This mod is currently a BETA. Any test results you provide will be much appreciated.
This mod requires NVSE, which is still a Beta. Expect this mod to be updated as NVSE is.

This mod adds glow sticks to the game in colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white. They come in two varieties, illuminating and marking. Illuminating Sticks are large objects with a large light radius, while Marking Sticks are small with a small light radius. The sticks will be lit when on your character, in your characters's hand, in the air, or on the ground. The sticks can be picked up and reused at any time.

They are sold by Chet, Mick, Torres, and the Crimson Caravan Traders. See the readme for instructions on getting them by command line.

Tips for Use

  • Illuminating Sticks can be used to replace your Pip-Boy Light. You can equip the stick and carry it in your
  • hand, then throw it when you want light in a different area or when you need to fight.
  • Marking sticks can be used to mark your path. Simply drop one at the doorway you're about to go through--or
  • just went through--and continue on, knowing exactly where you have and haven't been.



  • Sticks may be seen to disappear and reappear a moment later. (This does not always happen, and only happens once)
  • Certain objects may not be lit, cause by a bug in the game engine. (These can include any static objects, as well as the ground)


  • 0.1 11-17-2010 - Initial BETA release
  • 0.2 01-26-2011 - Added violet and white colors; added sticks to certain vendors; complete script overhaul