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Extends the default Weapon Repair Kit\'s functionality to armors and helmets

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Extended Repair Kits
The weapon repair kits have been renamed to simply repair kits. Whenever you use them, you get the option to repair your armor, helmet or weapon through a pop-up menu.

The menu is context-sensitive, only allowing you the option for specific repairs if you have an item equipped in that slot, and it isn't 100% repaired yet.

Additionally, the repair value now gradually increases with your repair skill, as opposed to the default static values.
Originally, you could repair to 10-15-20-25-30% with 0,25,50,75,100 repair skills, now it ranges from 10 -> 30, so a repair skill of 99 will yield around 29,9 repair value.

New Vegas Script Extender - NVSE

Conflicts with
- Conflicts with mods with dirty edits that mess up the Chicken and egg script. Just make sure you load this near the bottom if this happens.
- Any mod that alters the default Weapon Repair Kit


Legal stuff
Use this mod as you wish, no permission required, just give a lil credit.