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A simple mod that adds .44 Special ammo boxes to the game and lets vendors sell them.

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Although at least one loading screen in Fallout: New Vegas references .44 Special ammunition, there is no legitimate way of obtaining it. The ammunition is not available for sale and is not found anywhere in the game. On top of that, there isn't even an "Ammo Box" object for .44 Special Rounds. For all intents and purposes they are an abandoned ammunition.

This mod adds an item called "Ammo Box, .44 Special" and includes it in the vendor list for .44 caliber ammunition. This means that any vendor who sells .44 Magnum rounds may, rarely, sell .44 Special ammo boxes.

The mod also modifies .44 Special Rounds by setting their sales value to 0, to reflect other "bulk" ammunition.

I am calling this a Restoration rather than a Fix because there is no simple oversight which caused this ammunition to be removed from the game. It seems more likely that leaving the reference to them in the loading screen was a mistake.

For the coders, this mod alters the following Leveled Item Lists:
Ammo44Special25 (changes list to use the new Ammo Box object)
VendorAmmo44Magnum (adds Ammo44Special25 to the list with a count of 1)