Gecko Hide Armor by IllusionOfTruth
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Added: 16/11/2010 - 10:47PM
Updated: 20/11/2010 - 03:40PM

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Last updated at 15:40, 20 Nov 2010 Uploaded at 22:47, 16 Nov 2010

Gecko Hide Armor

You have to love those geckos, scampering about on their little
legs, grinning while they hurtle towards you. Then BAM! Dead and

Now with wings! Yes, cazadore wings. Tired of killing geckos? Want
to kill something else? Then pull the wings off some insects, grab
your wonderglue and bodge together these wonderful (though utterly
useless) Glued Cazadore Wings!

This is the first mod that I've uploaded. I would appreciate any
constructive criticism, especially with regards to balancing these
items. No comments about the awful textures please, I know they may
well constitute a crime against humanity but there's no need to rub
it in.


20/11/10 - Update
- Added a cazadore wings to the loot tables for cazadores (duh)
- Added a new recipe for Glued Cazadore Wings (4 wings + wonderglue
needed for the combine), can be repaired with cazadore wing loot.

17/11/10 - Update
- Added Wonderglue to each recipe. (thanks PolyphemusRaksha)
- Set up the repairlists for each suit of armor. you can now repair
with tanned gecko hides, leather armor, mk2 leather armor and the
same type of gecko hide armor.
- The downloads have been merged into a zip with the ".esp" and 2
texture packs.

I also added an image of the original, brighter textures.



I found it strange that there wasn't much use for the tanned hides,
other than more caps/sale, so I threw together 3 new recipes. Sadly
my texturing ability is on par with my tightrope-walking, although
there was feline interference to complicate matters. So, if anyone
likes the idea and wants to re-texture them or use this in any way,
shape or form you are free to do so without any restrictions.

3 new suits of leather armor, based on the reinforced mk2 leather,
with added effects and craftable at 60 repair. Just to be clear, the
Gecko Hide Armors are re-textures of a vanilla mesh and the Cazadore
Wings are, well, wings from the Cazadore mesh.

- [NEW] Glued Cazadore Wings (necklace slot)

4 Cazadore Wings
1 Wonderglue

They look pretty?!?

- Gecko Hide Armor

1 Leather Armor
4 Tanned Gecko Hides

+10 Damage Resist

- Fire Gecko Hide Armor

1 Leather Armor
4 Tanned Fire Gecko Hides

+10 Damage Resist
+10 Fire Resist

- Golden Gecko Hide Armor

1 Leather Armor
4 Tanned Golden Gecko Hides

+10 Damage Resist
+25 Radiation Resist


Copy the ".esp" file, meshes folder and the contents of either of the
two texture folders into:

"fallout new vegas\Data\fallout new vegas\Data"