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Last updated at 21:38, 28 Jul 2011 Uploaded at 13:06, 16 Nov 2010

***The German version of this mod!
Translated by AltDunmer. Remember to thank him for his job guys!

Howdy Pardners!

I present you the NEW AND UPDATED Goodsprings Farmhouse mod - as the title says, it's main feature is a beautiful home, not quite new but still cozy and fully functional. What is more, it's surrounded by a small farm so finally you can live off the land. Also, in case you need a place to stash your belongings - the basement is all yours, you can even take cover in the fallout shelter if nuclear war starts again.

I hope all of you cowboys and cowgirls there will enjoy it.

* * * * * * * * * * Description * * * * * * * * * *

First of all, I like realism a lot and I tried to keep this mod as realistic as possible. Not losing the "Goodsprings atmosphere" was also my main goal. I wanted to create an independent house with all important features - but no luxuries - and I think I made it. But in the end, it's for you to judge.

*Version 1.2*

The new release is OUT! Read the description to learn more about it. Also remember to read both of the readme files!

What will you find in this mod?

Farmhouse consists of:
  • bedroom + queen size bed (adds 'well-rested' perk)
  • cabinet + fireplace, relocking safe, radio (New Vegas Radio)
  • kitchen + crafting oven
  • bathroom + clean water source
  • living room + fireplace, jukebox (Mojave Radio)
  • small storage room + some containers & shelves, basement hatch
  • main hall
  • toggleable lights and fireplaces
  • Mojave Express Delivery Services - you can use it to order new furniture to your house!
  • inventory sorters for clothes, food, vegetables & fruits, books & magazines

Farm features:
  • Farming System - now you can grow your crops!
  • pickable vegetables and fruits (crops will respawn in time)
  • clean water source
  • campfire
  • front porch with table, radio and chair where you can sit
  • and admire the sunsets
  • complete fence surrounding the farm
  • fast travel marker
  • toggleable exterior lights


*1st level*
  • reasonable amount of cabinets (for guns, tools, armor and medical supplies), crates, metal & ammo boxes
  • metal shelves & relocking safes
  • workbench and reloading bench
  • chem set
  • various items like food and ammo (but not too much)
  • basement can be entered by the hatch in the house or by the second hatch in the backyard
  • toggleable lights
  • inventory sorters for armory & clothes, ammo, weapons, meds & chems, tools & misc items

*2nd level*
  • this level is the key location in both quests I prepared for you

*3rd level*
  • this level is arranged for a fallout shelter - it's unlocked after you complete both quests
  • some containers for food and aid items
  • bed (adds 'well-rested' perk)
  • clean water source
  • computer terminal (with some content which you can learn from a bit about the previous owner of the farmhouse - NEW CONTENT ADDED)
  • ham radio
  • working infirmary
  • toggleable UV lights

Also you will find some easter eggs in the mod, in example the legendary Big Iron from the "Big Iron" song.


* * * * * * * * * * More screenshots * * * * * * * * * *

No additional screenshots at the moment.

* * * * * * * * * * Installation & bugs * * * * * * * * * *
  • How to install?
  • First install - just copy the .esp file and the Meshes folder to your Data folder and remember to check the mod in the Data Files dialog box when starting the game with Fallout Loader.

    Else (if using v1.1) - grab all of your items from the house and leave it, make a clean save without
    the mod running. Then copy new .esp and the Meshes folder and start the game. Load your save, it should work smoothly.
  • How to uninstall?
  • Delete the file.
  • Bugs/Conflicts
  • You can help me greatly with the issue bugs or conflicts with other mods by describing them
    and sending me an email. No problems have appeared so far, but if they do I'll do my best to
    solve them.
  • ***OLD - Differences between v1.0 and v1.1
  • There's a lot, so if you're using the old version just get everything from the house and save the game. Then
    install v1.1 and everything should be just fine. This way you won't lose any items from the containers.
  • Bugfixes for v1.2
  • Deleted fruits in the backyard.
    Campfire's light is now also initially disabled.
    The lamp in the backyard no longer "floats" in the air.
  • ***OLD - Bugfixes for v1.1
  • Shame on me, I forgot to add the Meshes folder with the file, that's the reason behind the red Xs in the kitchen and the basement. It is fixed now so you can download the fixed file (first download) or the update file (if you already have v1.1 installed).

    ***OLD - Bighorners and settler no longer spawn in the farm!

    REMINDER - secure and take your items from the containers before changing the old .esp with the fixed one, just in case!

    My email is - [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * To finish with... * * * * * * * * * *

Big thanks for Obsidian for making a great game. And most of all thanks for everyone who downloaded Goodsprings Farmhouse and helped me with appreciation, new ideas and comments. Now I know what do you need and I can aim in the right direction with upgrading the house further.
I do hope you will like the mod, and if you do I would be very grateful for endorsing it.

***Endorsing the mod will give me a great deal of motivation to work on it further and improve it more!***


* * * * * * * * * * Updates * * * * * * * * * *


NEW RELEASE - version 1.2 is ready, you can download it from the "Files" section. Have fun!

What's new:
  • two quests in the house
  • Farming System
  • Inventory Sorters
  • you can upgrade your house with the Mojave Express Delivery Service
  • toggleable lights
  • more content in the fallout shelter
  • a small overhaul of some of the farm's features, now you need to unlock them with quests/other ways
  • new plants
  • more storytelling

What's next?

I'm really going to take a break for now! However I don't think it's a final version of the mod. I will deal with every bug that appears, after that maybe I add more things to the house - as always I'm counting on you! As for now, download the mod and try it out!

***OLD - 2010-11-19

NEW RELEASE - version 1.1 is ready, you can download it from the "Files" section. Have fun!

What's new:
  • first of all the new interior of the farmhouse
  • a lot of new content in the fallout shelter terminal, old content was rewritten
  • complete interior & exterior navmesh
  • idle markers for NPC in the basement and the farmhouse
  • tweaked lights in the both cells of the Farmhouse
  • added armor cabinet in the basement 1st level
  • added infirmary in the basement 3rd level
  • added two electric boxes (as a static decoration) to the 1st and 2nd basement level
  • added utility metal door activated by a switch at the shelter's entrance

What's next?

I'm going to take a break for now, need to learn more about scripting, get back to the personal life (lol) etc. - I want to add a large quest to the house in the future. The main goal of this quest will be fixing a couple of the shelter's devices like the power generator and the water purifier (thanks for the idea fiskin1) maybe something else too - I can't say much 'cause I want to surprise you. But tell you what, pay attention when reading some of the files in the shelter terminal, you'll get some clues about what is coming.
Back to the topic - maybe toggleable lights will also show up and so on. If you have an idea about other additions don't be shy and msg me or leave a comment!

Other locations - Wolfhorn Ranch - there is a chance I will try and overhaul the location to create a nice house for the player there.

That's all for now.