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Makes Spore Plants drop the cut \"Spore Plant Pod\" item when killed.

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UPDATE: Now with 100% more actually doing something.

One of the many items cut from the final release of Fallout: New Vegas was an ingestible item called "Spore Plant Pods". As the name indicated this was (presumably) to be found on the Spore Plants seen in Vault 22.

This mod adds the Spore Plant Pod item to the Spore Plant's death item list, meaning when you kill one you will be able to take a Spore Plant Pod from its corpse.

Oh, yes, Spore Plant Pod provides increased poison resistance and some additional health when used. It is also one of the only items which in the base, unmodified game works with the Food Sanitizer.

ADDENDUM: For those of you who don't know, Spore Plant Pods are available from the Spore Plants found in Honest Hearts. This will simply make them available from the Vault 22 Spore Plants as well.