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animated model with labeled textures
base pack 1

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Pack 2.1 with the missing ammo types (the texture for the MFC crate was present, the nif was not, the Mini Nukes, BB's, Alien Power Cells and Mesmetron Power Cells were missing/not present ...)
another crate labeled "small Energy Cells" as an addition or alternative for the "Energy Cells"
Use the 2.1 pack in addition to the 2.0

Pack 2 with single caliber crates, should contain all vanilla calibers.

This is a modders resource.
You may use it in your mod, change textures and whatnot.
It contains only meshes and textures from the core New Vegas game files that were edited by me.
A "thank you" in your mods description would be nice though *g*

Did i say it contains only meshes and textures? So no .esp or whatnot. No new ammos, calibers, items.

And now the M.A.Q./M.S.R (maybe askes questions/maybe said remarks)

R: I have seen these boxes somewhere ...
A: Yes, on the Back of "minigun-users". The mesh is the ammo-backpack of the minigun with slight edits.

Q: What labelsl are available?
A: see the screenshot (give me a bit time to upload ;) ) Screenshot was taken from Nifskope, but they work ingame ... at least in my game ^^

Q: What does "animated" mean? Do they walk?
A: No, they don`t walk ^^ The lid is animated in the same way as the other Ammoboxes in the game (i used that .nif as base, to be exact). Both states ("open" and "closed" are visible in the picture)

R: I don`t like it.
A: Then don`t use it :p

R: I am missing label "XYZ".
A: there are two possible solutions.
1: Ask me in the comments and i can do another texture variant.
2: Use the blank one to do it yourself (look athe other textures for placement because i edited the uv-map slightly)

R: i don`t like the color-tone of the crates.
A: same as above, although i am really not good at texturing so don`t expect much from me.
(although uploading a blank version of the oringial green tone is etirely possible)

Q: Can i use it in my mod?
A: yes, of course that what its for.

R: But i only want to use the mesh and don`t want to use your texture at all.
A: Fine by me.

Q: Where are the normal maps? I see only one texture per box.
A: Because i did only slight variations of the base texture, i didn`t make/edit the normal map at all. It still points to the original normal map of ammo-backpack. Should work fine that way as it is in the core game files.

One last remark regarding the texture: i changed the uv-map slightly, so it will look different if you use the ammo-backpack`s original texture for your editing.

R: I have another question.
A: ask in the comments :)