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Simply put, this is a zombie mod, complete with infection, resurrection, a special zombie-killing challenge, and more :D

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Simply put, this is a zombie mod, complete with infection, resurrection, a special zombie-killing challenge, and more :D

New main file uploaded, and for those who downloaded a previous version there is also the new .esp alone; simply download that and replace the old one and have fun :D

Features added:

Updated the Necronomicon to move a Zombie Terminal to your location, allowing you to configure zombie settings to your pleasure, with a new ability to disable/enable special infected, a new rewards system with "Zombie Skulls" exchangeable for special weapons/armor

A new special infected called the "Infected Abomination" appears; when hit, it infects everyone around it, and on death it explodes in an infectious cloud.

Death effects return, with explosion and resurrection. Note that if you cripple the legs or head, they will not get back up.

This mod allows you to have fun grinding your way through zombies, observing infection, etc in a way that I enjoy. Features of this mod include:

Zombies spawned at definite, strategic locations in order to maximize infection.

Fully-functional infection, with special effects applied to zombies (at a random chance, the zombies get back up after dying, or, they explode, releasing a cloud that infects all nearby non-zombified NPCs)

Diverse zombies, with a special "Pouncer" infected that knocks people down with its' power attack, making the target easy to kill by the horde.

Zombie Hunter Challenge; kill 50 zombies, and you get a special perk reducing the DT of zombies by 5!

Multiple spawning-points, such as Freeside, the Old Mormon Fort, the Strip, Casinos, Primm, Novac, Camp Golf, etc.

How to enable infection:

Go to the Old Mormon Fort in freeside.

Behind the sandbags, on the wooden planks is a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide labeled "Necronomicon" in your interface for some reason.

Read it once to spawn a single zombie at your location, just to see what you're up against, and then read it again to enable zombies all over the wasteland.

Recommended mods:

Populated Wasteland

Populated Casinos

Zombie Apocalypse (By ZuluFoxtrot)

Note about Zombie Apocalypse:

To my understanding, ZuluFoxtrot's Zombie Apocalypse should not conflict with my mod, and as my mod specializes in the infection of civilization and his population of the wasteland with zombies, I recommend you download his mod to use with mine, to enhance the atmosphere.



Extract all files in the archive to your Fallout: New Vegas data folder.


Delete all files associated with my mod.

Have a pleasant apocalypse :D