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adds a Ninja Suit and Mask, a Ninja Sword, Ninja Claws and Throwing Stars to the game

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Version 1.0

A Mod For Fallout 3 - New Vegas


adds a Ninja Suit and Mask, a Ninja Sword and Throwing Stars to the game


extract everything in your ...FalloutNewVegas/Data/ directory


lol as if i would have intended that... no! i dont know how!
if you insist... delete all files from your fallout/data folder that you find in the *.rar archive downloaded for this mod


actvate JNinjas in your Fallout:NV Launcher of choice.

on popular demand i offer an optional download with alternative mod versions, plz only use one esp, either the original or one from the optional download:

upon popular demand i added 3 alternative versions to the ninja mod:

the stealth field of the armor stops when the wearer engages in combat

ninja encounters happen again

the stealth field of the armor stops when the wearer engages in combat and ninja encounters happen again


J-Tec's intelligence service has reported that a suqad of shadow warriors, or Kagebushi, commonly knows as Ninja,
has made their way onto american soil and is in pursuit of a certain courier,
their reasons are unknown but extreme caution is advised whilst travelling through the Mojave past midnight

their equipment is being reported to be both, deadly and stealthy

Ninja Suit - dark, deadly, comfy - sneaking whilst wearing one adds a stealthfield effect not unlike the stealthboy known to american natives
Ninja Mask - in case you are afraid that your victims may live and recognize you in the saloon - increases your ability to sneak by 5
Ninja Sword - its dark blade is hard to spot at night
Throwing Stars - fast, deadly, cheap - can be crafted from bent tin cans - craft 3 and turn them into triple throwing stars, thrice the damage, thrice the fun
Ninja Claws - nasty... simply put nasty

=====COPYRIGHT RULES===========

all content of this mod is protected and may not be redistributed or modified without my explicit permission.



=====FUTURE PROSPECTS==========

it was planned to add a whole quest line about those ninjas, including a japanese style castle, cherry blossom trees and so on,
however due to heavy GECK bugs in regards to world spaces this has to be delayed until that program finally gets fixed >.<


might conflict with JaySuS Throwing Stars, it is unlikely but dont be afraid, they are in this mod aswell
simply deactivate JaySuS Throwing Stars in your Fallout:NV launcher of choice


me... and even more me...


this mod might kill you, your loved ones or the whole world! i take no responsibility for
any action done or any event happening as a result of playing this or any other of my mods.
it includes gore, probably but not necessarily boobs, brutality and sheer beauty... if you dont
like any of these avoid this mod.