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A ridiculously detailed, immersion oriented overhaul of the Hardcore mode hunger/thirst/sleep system. Includes new recipes, blood alcohol content tracking, and the basic functionality of Imp\'s TimeScale Adjuster.

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Imp's More Complex Needs


Update News:

Version 1.0.3 - 11/20/2010:
  • Coffee, coffee recipes, and coffee brewer activation perk
  • Multivitamins and NoDoze
  • Big Bottled Water - refill 18oz soda bottles
  • Stimpak overhaul
  • New Power Armor reservoir menu
  • Fixer reduces drunkenness and StimPak addiction
  • __________________________
    Version 1.0.2 - 11/15/2010
  • Fixed random food poisoning bug (makes this an important update)
  • Changes loot calculation equation to decrease animal meat drops
  • __________________________
    Version 1.0.1 - 11/13/2010
  • Fixed multiplier menu 2
  • Fixed player height scaling (height was changing too much)
  • _____________
    Current WIP:
  • NVSE HUD and hotkeys
  • Working food spoilage
  • More Complex Drugs chem overhaul (collaboration with Dynastia)
  • Unified HUD Project support


    UHP is a utility put together by Gopher that simplifies the installation of HUD altering mods like this one - it handles the necessary editing of hud_main_menu.xml for you. Currently 4 of my mods are supported by it. It isn't required, but if you're daunted by the IMCN NVSE installation instructions UHP is for you.


    This mod adds six additional levels of nutrition to Hardcore mode's original 3 (fullness, protein, nutrients, stimulants, mood, and alcohol), increasing both the immersion and challenge of the hunger/thirst/sleep portion of the game, and tracks all levels in ways that were modeled on human physiology, using real numbers. I'm well aware that this was a completely over the top, bordering on insane thing for me to do, but the end result became one of most popular needs mods for Fallout 3, so it was most likely worth it.

    This New Vegas version has been substantially overhauled, with the addition of new nutrition levels (mood and stimulants), new food effects (fat, carbohydrates, stimulants and appeal) and several new features (beverage chilling, time always passes, dynamic bed time, power armor benefits, and survival skill dependent animal loot drops - see the feature section for individual explanations). There are also several new customization options - all rates now have their own independent multipliers, so if you find something is changing too quickly or slowly, it can easily be fixed. Your height can be adjusted manually in the Height and Weight menu, in addition to the optional SPECIAL based player height that was a part of the original Fallout 3 version. You can pick and choose which portions of this mod are active. Food healing is disabled by default, but can be enabled if you prefer it to, or in addition to, IMCN's default health regeneration. You also have the option to display your needs levels in the original percent form, or in real units - grams, ounces and calories.

    This mod includes pretty much all of the functionality from Imp's TimeScale Adjuster. The two should not be used at the same time. Its timescale management features prevent several bugs related to using a non-vanilla timescale, as well as adding a dynamic timescale feature based on Forevernomad's Immersive Timescale mod from Fallout 3. It's a simplified version, but lets you select different timescales for interiors, exteriors, and combat. The idea is to make exterior distances seem larger by using a higher timescale in those areas, and to make interiors and combat more realistic with a timescale closer to 1:1. This feature is disabled by default, but I highly recommend it.

    Also new to the New Vegas version is the Time Always Passes feature. I added it because all gambling and Caravan games take place during menumode, which normally stops the passage of time. Your character's likely to spend a fair amount of time in these menus, so this feature causes the sun to progress across the sky like it should, and causes your needs levels to deplete at the rates they should. It's somewhat integral to the way the mod's coded, so it can't be disabled. The menumode timescale will always be 1:1, and takes effect in the pipboy, during gambling, and during conversations. If you really want to completely pause the game, hit escape rather than just entering your pipboy.


      8 independently tracked needs levels:
    • Fullness - prevents you from eating too much in one sitting
    • Calories - analogous to hardcore mode's FOOD stat
    • Hydration - analogous to hardcore mode's H2O stat
    • Protein - provides strength based bonuses/penalties, improves muscle building rate
    • Nutrients - ranges from Chronically Malnourished to a Paragon of Health
    • Stimulants - mentats-like bonuses, plus alleviates hunger and tiredness penalties (mmm... coffee)
    • Alcohol - BAC based effects with visuals both help and hamper you, like traits
    • Appeal - eating tastier foods improves your mood, improving health regeneration
  • Activity level based needs rates
    • different rates for running/walking/standing still/sleeping/wearing power armor
    • also effected by inventory weight
  • Circadian rhythm - dynamic bedtime with penalties if you're up too late
    • 6 hour "down time" each day when you should normally be asleep
    • Down time adjusts to your sleeping habits - wake up at 3 in the afternoon frequently, and your downtime shifts to 9am to 3pm
  • Power Armor waste recycling - Lore appropriate armors will capture lost moisture and store it in a reservoir
  • Time always passes
    • Time will continue to pass in most menus, so if you stay up all night gambling, the sun will be up when you leave the casino, and you'll be tired and hungry
    • Gametime will now truly match real time if you're using a timescale of 1
    • Pretty sure this feature is a Fallout first
  • Incorporates Imp's TimeScale Adjuster
    • Dynamic timescale option based on forevernomad's Immersive Timescale mod lets you select a higher timescale for traveling across the Mojave, to simulate longer travel distances
    • Prevents the deaths from starvation/dehydration usually associated with hardcore mode and low timescales
    • Prevents the crashes that sometimes happen when sleeping/waiting for long periods with a non-vanilla timescale
  • Weight Tracking
    • Total overall weight effects food requirements
    • Body fat percentage (long term stat penalties/bonuses)
    • Skeletal muscle percentage (long term stat penalties/bonuses)
  • Variable player height
    • Manual adjustment mode - specify your height in feet and inches (or meters)
    • SPECIAL based - height is calculated from SPECIAL
    • Option to have it effect in-game player scale (your character will look taller or shorter if enabled)
    • Height effects weight
  • Fiddly menus applenty
    • nearly all features can be disabled/enabled
    • all nutrition related rates have independently adjustable multipliers
  • Optional health regeneration - an alternative to the vanilla food healing
  • Option to disable food healing
  • Refrigeration - add a RobCo Cold Fission Froster to any non-living container (or ED-E) to turn it into a refrigerator
    • Chill beverages to improve their appeal
    • Prevent food spoilage (unrefrigerated raw meats go bad in 12 hours, cooked foods in 24, eggs in 48, and fruits/vegetables in 1 week)
  • Improved food crafting
    • New recipes
      • Beer Bread Roll
      • Nuka Roll
      • Sunset Roll
      • Bighorner Stew
      • Spicy Pickled Ant Egg
      • Rattler Chili
      • Desert Salad Plus
      • Hardboiled Gecko Eggs
      • Lakelurk Cake
      • Rat On A Stick
      • Braised Roach In A Red Wine Reduction
      • Giant Rat Steak
      • Ant Ramen
      • Lakelurk Scramble
      • Vodka Victory Shots
    • More realistic recipe yields
  • Water bottling
  • Food Poisoning - cook your meat and eggs, or carry a food sanitizer, or there's a good chance you'll get sick (you don't want to get sick, trust me)
  • Compatible with Harcore Mode
  • Takes advantage of Hardcore mode's HUD and stat readouts
  • Interdependent needs rates
    • Alcohol and stimulants will increase dehydration rate
    • Stimulants cause you to digest more quickly (fullness decreases more rapidly)
    • Hydration will increase water and nutrient loss rates (drink more and pee more)
  • Compatible with Ambient Temperature - dehydrate more quickly on hot days
  • http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34814
  • Cure nasty/potentially fatal conditions with visits to the doctor
  • Creature death loot changes
    • most meat yields have been increased (there's a lot of meat on them big horners)
    • but its proportional to your survival skill