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This mod will alter AlexScorpion and Brianide\'s excellent Pipboy Readius mod to have a classic, Fallout inspired design.

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If you haven't yet seen Aanderz' workaround for many of the bugs the Readius suffers from, check it out:

Paying homage to the early Fallout games, the Pipboy 3500 retexture combines
the classic style of the Pipboy 2000 with Fallout 3/New Vegas' Pipboy 3000 to
create one sleek, if slightly banged up, package. This also includes optional
files to change the color of the buttons to one of the four default Pipboy UI
colors, Amber, Blue, Green or White. By Default, the buttons will be Amber when
used. Personally, I feel this retexture works best by restoring the default Pipboy
sound effects.

I've uploaded a file that will restore the default Pipboy sound effects that will work with the current.bsa version of the Readius mod.

Comes in two flavors:

1) Classic Pip Boy mascot.
2) Current Vault Boy mascot.

The mk2 version features an updated main texture, along
with vacuum tubey goodness!

UPDATED New weathered version uploaded. Makes the 3500 even more banged up, and adds various improvements/fixes to the texture.
Also includes options for the Pip Boy mascot, Vault Boy mascot, or the Lil Pip 3000 Mascot.

I've been play testing this for a while now, and didn't find any problems, but please, if you find any bugs or issues with this texture, let me know.


Official Pipboy Readius - New Vegas Edition:


1. Locate .zip, .rar, or .7z file.
2. Unzip with your program of choice (winrar, 7zip, etc).
3. Copy the 'data' folder in the zip into the New Vegas installation directory.
4. When prompted, say yes to the overwrite.


To install the button color of your choice;
1. Open the 'Button Colors' folder in this zip, and copy the 'data' folder located
inside the color of your choice into the New Vegas installation directory.
2. When prompted, say yes to the overwrite.


1. Re-install the original Pipboy Readius mod to restore the original Pipboy Readius
to its default state.


1. Delete the 'scorptech' folder from your textures directory.
2. Delete the 'scorptech' folder from your meshes directory.


This mod will not work with any other mods that alter the original Pipboy Readius
textures or model.

Recommended Mods:

DarNified UI NV by DarN

Thanks to AlexScorpion and Brianide for the excellent, original Pipboy Readius mod.