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Fallout New Vegas
Infinite Companion Ammo v1.07
Made by LFox




1. Extract to Fallout New Vegas/Data and enable one of the
plugins in the Fallout New Vegas Launcher.


2. Mod Description


IMPORTANT: As of v1.07+ this mod requires the Dead Money,
Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road and Gun Runners Arsenal DLC.

IMPORTANT: As of v1.06+ this mod requires the Dead Money,
Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road DLC.

IMPORTANT: As of v1.05+ this mod requires the Dead Money and
Honest Hearts DLC.

IMPORTANT: As of v1.04+ this mod requires the Dead Money DLC.

This is a quick, simple and somewhat dirty fix for companions.
Because they have the most god awful aim i have ever seen and
i don't want to waste time stocking up ammo for them all the

All vanilla companions naturally have special companion weapons
which use infinite companion ammo. What this mod does is adds
the infinite companion ammo to the ammo lists.

This means if you stick any weapon on a companion even those
added by mods (unless they use custom ammo lists) they can fire
it indefinitely without ammo. If you DO give them ammo as long
as it's better than the infinite companion ammo they should use

There are two .esp files choose only one below are basic details
further down is more in depth details.

LFox Infinite Companion Ammo.esp
- Includes ammo list changes
- Includes Automatic resupply of companion ammo

LFox Infinite Companion Ammo Repair.esp
- Includes ammo list changes
- Includes Automatic resupply of companion ammo
- Includes Automatic repair of companions equipped weapon

Vanilla Companions

For vanilla companions i have added a script to check the amount
of companion ammo a npc has. If it drops below a certain amount
it will be automatically replenished.

I have also added a secondary .esp file which includes automatic
repair on vanilla companions. Regardless if the weapon is from
a mod or the vanilla game it will be repaired regularly to 100%
if they have it equipped.

Non Vanilla Companions

The scripts i added to help maintain ammo and weapon durability
work for vanilla companions only, due to using Reference IDs.
I CANNOT mod your custom companions to work like this so ask
the creators to do that and not me.

I can however provide you with a basic work around for infinite
companion ammo.

Bring up the console with the ~ key click on your companion
and type in the following.

additem 00176e54 50000

The above code will add 50,000 rounds of invisible companion
ammo to your companions. You technically should be able to
use a number like 500,000 and never need to do it again but
don't blame me if you bork your game.

NOTE: Ensure you have your companion selected when you do this.
The information block should display the name of the companion
and their reference id. To ensure you have properly given your
companion ammo again make sure they are selected then type in
the code below.


The code will display a list of items on your companion in it
should be the item "xxx - Magical Companion Ammo (00176e54)"
the xxx indicates the amount of the item.


3. Compatibility


This mod will be incompatible with any mod that modifies the
ammo lists in the game. When i say ammo lists this refers to
the lists which say what ammo what guns can fire. So if a mod
adds new ammo types it probably won't work.


4. Version History


- Added the new Gun Runners Arsenal ammo types.

- Added companion Ammo to the new Nails and Rockets ammo lists.

- Updated the mod to include Honest Hearts DLC Companions.
- Added companion Ammo to the new .45 ammo list.
- Added a script to remove companion ammo from the player to
avoid being given the ammo from companions when they leave the

- Updated the mod to include Dead Money DLC companions.

- Added a script to automatically repair vanilla companions
weapons and no I can't make it do custom companions ask the
person who made said companion to do it.

- Added a Quest script to check to see if companions are low on
ammo to prevent them running out.

- Fixed a bug that caused the companion ammo to display as the
default type on weapons.

- Made the Plugin


5. Contact Info


Direct all questions/comments to
[email protected]