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Wasteland Courier Outfit
An Armour for Type 3 Cali

It wasn't long before I wanted to drag over the Appleby outfit Quetz put together for me before I had the knowhow to do it on my own. However, the old outfit really didn't suit my current character though I felt it held the theme of the Vegas wastes well. I decided to combine the Appleby armor with a couple other pieces from various vanilla sources and came up with this. People seemed to dig it in the screencaps so I'm happy to share it.

If you find any problems with the armor let me know. It seems to function just fine in game. Also, apologies folks but I had to take out the kerchief as its mesh is restricted use.

Find it left on the desk near the crate in Doc Mitchell's house.

Known Issues
None. After playtesting I eliminated a few mesh issues and repaired a strange issue I was seeing on the backside of the jeans. For those who use the ugly vanilla pipboy (currently I do as well!) you may see the bracer clip through it a bit.

Just drag and drop the meshes and esp to your data folder.

Simply delete the files.

1.2 - Repaired .esp and changed location so that it didn't conflict with Blackblossoms AA race mod. Also added a shoulderless version of the armor just incase you don't like the more armored version.
1.1 - Removed scarf that used PL mesh/textures, sorry guys.
1.0 - Release!

Dimon99 for the Type3 body.
Backsteppo for the altered shoulder mesh for Type3.
Tailor Maid for a a couple of the pieces.
Blackblossom for her excellent jeans texture.
Quetz for the Tough Chick armor.
Also a big thanks to Quetzlsacatanango for helping me figure out what I was missing with blender and being a great teacher.