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Change the PC selling power to a lengthen the \"sweet spot\" of going out and to make extra cash.

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PLaying on very hard and on hardcore, By level 8 I hardly have any money issue. Whenever I got to store and buy new gear or guns I would hardly hit my "bank account". By level 14 I had over 14000 caps which. What was really strange is my bartering skill was 25. With this problem, it killed the idea of increasing your bartering skill to any level, and also made gambling pointless (unless you just like playing the game)

This mod makes an attempt to lengthen the sweet spot of scavenging for extra coin to buy that brand new shiny gun. Make gambling an interesting route in making more money without risking your life (and bullets). And of course puts more weight to the Bartering skill investing into.


Here examples of what this mod will do

If you selling an item with a base value of 100 (caps)

Vanilla: would get 67 caps back in return with Bartering skill of 50

Tougher Barter: would give you 40 caps with a Bartering kill of 50