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Ensures all companions level with you. If you\'re at level 30, they\'re at level 30. Works up to level 100. Does not work for mod-added companions.

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UPDATE: General update and sprucing up, expand theoretical maximum to 100. Also I accidentally omitted Cass. Oops.

As of patch 1.2, all companions level with the player, but at a rate of 75% compared to the player. To put it another way, while you're at level 8, they're at level 6.

This mod adjusts that rate to 100%: as you level, your companions are at the same level. This raises the effective level cap from 22 to the full 30, or from 42 to 50 for people will the full set of DLC. If you have mods which increase your level cap, companions will level with you further (up to level 100).

Note that this does not reduce each companion's minimum level, i.e. you will always encounter Raul at level 14 if you are below that level.


This mod only affects the game's standard built-in companions, i.e. Arcade, Boone, Cass, ED-E, Lily, Rex, Raul, Veronica. Mod-added companions will be unaffected. Regrettably there is no easy way to address that.

If you are using any mods which alter the built-in companions, e.g. face overhauls for Veronica, Cass, etc. this mod will undo their changes if you don't make a Merged or Bashed Patch. To make a Merged Patch, download and install FNVEdit, run it, then right-click and use the "Create Merged Patch" option. You can check the Nexus forums for more information on how to do this.

You can also create a Bashed patch using Wrye Bash. Consult Wrye Bash's instructions on how to do this.