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No more dodging enemies, making their movement more consistent.

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The discussion about fallout 3+ being a FPS or a RPG is interesting. IMO, it's both, and should act like one. Don't tell me it isn't possible, Borderlands is there for who wants to see, the game succeeded to be a great FPS/RPG (IMO). Well, I'm not saying fallout is a bad game, but it's flaws can be very annoying. There's a bunch of mods that try to enhance both aspects of the game, because it's really needed. This mod will try to enhance the FPS one. Try to do a playtru without using VATS and you will find a, hard is not the word, ANNOYING game, for the enemies dodge bullets like crazy, and slide tru the ground like their feet are covered with butter. I was fidling with GECK and find some lines related to enemy dodge, hopefully, it'll help in that matter =)

I changed every line that refers to dodge to 0, they're:

From 10 to 0

From 2 to 0

From 0.1 to 0

From 75 to 0

I did some short testing, and the enemies still walk normally, but their movements are far more consistent. In the future I'll try to make 'em cover a lot more, these combined with a dmg mod will make things different =)

Put the esp in data folder

Remove it from there