10mm Pistol - Sig Sauer P226 Replacement by Smuppet
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Added: 11/11/2010 - 06:07PM
Updated: 11/11/2010 - 06:15PM

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Last updated at 18:15, 11 Nov 2010 Uploaded at 18:07, 11 Nov 2010

10mm Pistol - Sig Sauer P226 Replacement v1.0

Another 10mm pistol replacement mod. Almost seems like I have an ongoing vendetta against the poor 10mm : P

This mod replaces the vanilla 10mm pistol with a Sig Sauer P226 from DreadWolfs mod:

The 10mm pistol will still be called the 10mm pistol and still fires 10mm bullets but will now be far more aesthetically pleasing. All the 10mm pistol modkits will work with this too with new meshes to boot.

I couldn't decide between the original 10mm sounds and the sounds DarkWolf added so I put up 2 .esp files for you to choose from.

If you like it endorse it. It's the only way other people will get to know about it.


1. Copy all files to "Fallout New Vegas\Data\"
2. Activate the mod by clicking the checkbox beside the 10mmPistol-SigSauer_Replacement_v1.0.esp file


Delete the .esp file from the Data folder and all files and folders associated with the mod from the Meshes and Textures folders.


DreadWolf - Released the mod for New Vegas

Soul_Slayer - Original Model

Thanez and JIHAD - Textures

DarkFireGaming - For his weapon sound pack