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Fallout winter changes even the deserts..

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Frozen World

A modification that covers the Mojave with snow and ice.
Frozen World v1-3: New main file. The version will not change any weather effects, only land and some plant textures, so it does not conflict with weather mods.
This means original lighting will make ground shine yellow during midday.
U can use CLO Custom Lighting Overlay
to get rid of it. Didn't test other weathers so can't say how lighting looks there.
Anyways thats it .. hope you enjoy

Frozen World v1-2: Included two esps.

Frozen World Stand Alone- Adjusts lighting to remove yellow reflection off snow. Best for vanilla weather.(Lighting change happens over time so give it a minute)

Frozen World No Weather: No lighting changes. MAXIMUM compatibility with weather and lighting mods such as Nevada Skies, Fellout, CLO Custom Lighting Overlay and similar. If u use it with vanilla weather, yellow color of sunlight will look less then good imho

Frozen World LOD: Thanks to Bethjunkie LOD textures are in a single archive now. Thanks Beth! Extract to data to get distant lend snow texturing.

PS: If someone wants to upload it as a single archive, pm me.. I would appreciate it. Beth did and she's awesome! :)

Frozen World LOD: Well it's up. Unfortunately uploading a single file over 8 mb is impossible for me, so i had to split the files in three archives. Sry about extra hassle. Anyways.. Extract the archives(you need all 3 to cover entire Mojave) into data and enjoy LOD distant textures. Now it's snow all over. ;)

EDIT: Small FYI. I have huge issues uploading anything above 8-10mb. Connection brakes always before i can complete. But this mod really needs LOD textures so just wanted to share that i will try uploading them today. It will be only diffuse ones but that will have to do for now as normals are just way to big for me. Anyways.. wish me luck and hope i make it ;)

Basically, was thinking about how I could transfer one of my F3 mods to New Vegas came upon a problem of having trees and greenery in desert. So decided that i will make it into a frozen waste.. and this is the waste:)

For now I'm releasing this as a snow mod (gonna be awhile till i finish the mod that it will be a part of) as I feel it can stand on it's own.
INSTALL: Extract, enable and WAIT 1-2 minutes real time for weather transfer to happen. Oh and hope you enjoy
UNINSTALL: Delete added textures and disable esp.

NOTE: Unfortunately I don't have time to check all the places in game so feel free to call out mistakes as I am sure there are some around. Also I haven't yet done all the trees and greenery into winter versions so that is a known issue.

Nevada Skies
DOF Depth of Field (PE)
CLO Custom Lighting Overlay
Detailed Normals - Texture Pack (extract Frozen World textures over/after detailed normals)

Bethjunkie: For uploading single archive LOD textures. You rock ;)