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This mod gives you 54 hotkey slots and gives them memory, allowing you to drop items that are in hotkey slots and then still use the hotkey for them without having to manually reset it after re-acquiring that item.

Permissions and credits
Expanded Hotkeys
by LangyMD
Version 0.6 Alpha
Compiled with NVSE v1.0b5

Note: This mod requires NVSE. Download it here: http://nvse.silverlock.org/

Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Known Issues
3. Installation
4. Uninstallation
5. Revision History
6. Statement of use in Other Works


Primary Features:
-Increased Number of Hotkeys (a maximum of 54 total hotkeys)
-Hotkeys Have Memory (If you have an item hotkeyed and then drop it, when you pick it back up it will retain its original hotkey)
-Assign Multiple Items to the Same Hotkey
-Scroll Through Hotkeyed Weapons
-All Keys Used are User-Definable

You can access the expanded hotkey slots by using any combination of the three modifier buttons (Shift and Alt by default, the third modifier being disabled) along with the normal hotkey keys (1,3-8 by default). For example, if you push Shift-Alt-1 and click on a hotkeyable item, it will be assigned to your new Hotkey Slot (Shift+Alt+1), allowing you to press Shift-Alt-1 while playing the game to call up that hotkeyed item.

You can scroll between weapons in your hotkeys, by default using the numpad plus and minus (+ and -).

You can assign multiple items to the same hotkey (Item Sets). When assigning items to hotkeys, press your Item Set Modifier key (by default Left or Right Ctrl) in order to toggle that item as one of the items in your item set.

Press two of the same modifier buttons at once in order to access the configuration menu. For example, press both Left Shift and Right Shift at once. You can remap any of the hotkeys used, from 1,3-8 to the modifier keys to which keys the default hotkeys are reset to during GameMode. Using this, you can set one of the other hotkeys to the '2' slot, but if you do so please remember to set the Ammo Swap key to something else.

You can activate debug messages in the in-game menu. These messages appear in the console (use the tilde key, '`', to open it by default). If you encounter any issues with this mod, please try activating the debug messages and letting me know what messages you see when you notice any errors.

Known Issues

This mod is currently in Alpha. The mod is relatively hacked together, as NVSE currently lacks the script functions required to make it truly seamless. There are several known issues with this mod at this time:

-You *must not* have any controls assigned to either the hotkeys you are using or the hotkey re-directs. If you do, during gameplay those hotkeys will be reassigned to the normal 1,3-8 keys (or the numpad keys, if they're the 1,3-8 keys) and interfere with the script's hotkey functionality.
-If you exit the game via a crash, your hotkey controls may continue to be set to the numkey buttons if you then deactivate this mod without reloading the game and quitting properly first.
-There is no way to show which hotkey is assigned to which item aside from simply testing them out.

These three problems can be fixed via access to a SetHotkeyItem script function, though it would still be impossible to show all the items assigned to an Item Set.

-There is a crash bug that can occur while setting hotkeys. For some people, this appears to happen highly often when setting hotkeys for the first time - for others, it happens rarely, if ever. Unknown what causes this.
-A crash can (and potentially always) occurs on starting a new game with this mod installed. Deactivate this mod prior to starting a new game.
-Scrolling weapons with the mouse wheel does not currently work due to the mouse wheel being evil and not allowing you to disable or re-direct its default functionality. Instead, the default keys for scrolling through weapons are the left and right brackets. You can change them to any other key you wish using the in-game menu, activated by hitting two of the same modifier at once (both Ctrls, both Shifts, or both Alts by default). -Note: This should be able to be fixed in future versions of the mod-
-Items with a script that activates when equipped (ones with an OnEquip block) are not activated when equipped with the hotkeys with this mod active.
-If you have two items of the same type, the script can not distinguish between them, even if one has weapon mods and the other does not. Instead, the script will always grab the item with the lowest condition, and will potentially ignore weapon mods even if a modded weapon is the only one in your inventory - this still needs to be tested.

Be aware, this mod is in ALPHA and is still highly experimental. There are serious issues that can occur when running it.

Extract the archive to your Fallout New Vegas\Data folder. This folder is under your Steam installation like this:

Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout new vegas\Data

Make sure New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) is installed. Activate the LMDExpandedHotkeys.esp file in either your mod manager of choice or the game's launcher, then start the game. Your new hotkeys will be functional several seconds after game start after you recieve a message that a 'Hotkey Token' item was added to your character's inventory.

Due to crashes that can occur at new game start with this mod enabled, disable this mod if you are going to start a new game, then re-enable it and load a saved game.

Make sure you close the game via the menu rather than via crashing or the 'qqq' console command. If you do not, your hotkey controls may be set to the numpad with no way to change them back aside from editing the .ini or reloading the game with this mod active and quitting properly. Afterwards, deactivate the LMDExpandedHotkeys.esp file. If you wish to remove the files completely, remove these files:

Data\Docs\LMDExpandedHotkeys Readme.txt

Revision History

v0.6 Alpha: Added item sets, completely redid hotkey storage algorithm
v0.5 Alpha: Added menu and hotkey re-mapping functionality. Added scroll-through-weapons hotkeys.
v0.3 Alpha: Fixed hotkeys disappearing on game restart
v0.2 Alpha: Potential crash bug potentially fixed.
v0.1 Alpha: Initial release

Statement of use in Other Works

Anyone who wishes to can use this mod however they like, include using them to form the base of another mod. Credit would be nice, but isn't necessary.