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A Series of Retextures for the Chinese Stealth Armor.

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Dark_Maggot's Chinese Stealth Armor Retextures for Fallout New Vegas

This mod is finished and I will not be doing any more updates, I will try and respond to the comments and try and help with any problems people might have with the retexture.

Thank you guys for all the support.

Endorse If you like it, Cheers.


I always liked the Chinese Stealth Armor but thought the normal map was a bit too clean and flat while the texture showed all these scratches and patterns. I created a normal map that adds the bumps, scratches and patterns from the diffuse to the normal map which also makes the armor looks shinier and darker and adds more realism to it.


-All the retextures have a Blue Visor-

- Vanilla textures with edited normal maps and diffuse maps with Regular and No Tape.
- MEGATEN (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne) Inspired Retexture with a Regular, No Tape and Snowed Versions.
-Halo: Reach inspired Emile Skull Carved Helmet Retexture with Vanilla, MEGATEN with snow versions as well.

- Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit MEGATEN Retexture with Regular and No Tape Versions.

v1.1 MEGATEN RCSS version only
Fixed visor glow

v1.0 Release Retextures for New Vegas.


Female and Male Diffuse and Normal Maps, but depends on what the retexture changes.

Since I created this before those features in FOMM and NMM where working properly.

For the Original Vanilla Stealth Armor Retextures, Just copy and/or replace the files in:

Fallout New Vegas/Data/textures/dlcanch/armor/chinesestealtharmor

For the Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit Retextures, Just copy and/or replace the files in:

Fallout New Vegas/Data/textures/3NV/rcss

Note: Create the folder order manually if either the folders do not exist or the extraction didn't do so for some reason but it should work fine either way.


Dark_Maggot Retextures
Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Interactive for the Awesome game.
Atlus for the MEGATEN franchise.

Additional Credit for the RCSS versions go to gaijune and the RCSS armor Mod which you can download here:


I used the visor normals from the Coyote Reflex Armor from Abesh so credit goes to him for that.



"Do not post anywhere else and claim it as your own work. You are free to edit my retextures but please give me credit if you do. Have fun with them."