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Adds faction ID cards and removes factions from armor.

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Faction ID Cards

This mod removes faction affiliations from all armor and clothing, allowing you to wear whatever apparel you want regardless of location. Instead, you have access to a set of ID cards that act as faction disguises.

This way, if you like a piece of faction armor, like NCR Ranger armor or Brotherhood power armor, you can wear it wherever you go. If you need to disguise yourself as a member of a faction, you can just wear that faction's ID.

2.0 - Rewrote mod from the ground up to greatly improve compatibility. In version 2.0, none of the armor or clothing items are edited. Instead, the scripts are edited directly. This means that the mod is now compatible with other mods that edit armor and clothes, including rebalance mods.

Fake ID cards can be purchased from Mick and Ralphs, with a value of 700 caps each. ID Cards have also been hidden in a few places around the wasteland. For example, if you gain access to the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse, you can get a Brotherhood ID there.

The ID cards are equipped to BodyAddon2, so they should function with any apparel item. ID cards do not show on your character, and have 0 weight.

ID Cards exist for the following factions:
Brotherhood of Steel
Caesar's Legion
Great Khans
Powder Gangers
White Glove Society