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HAM: Hardcore Advanced Mods 2.0 ( Formally FONVA )
Russell "Castle" Meakim Jr
This is a Fallout New Vegas game play overhaul. All modules are now available as optional separate downloads or you can get them all at once with the full package. This version is the last large update to most of the smaller modules. The spawns module has been moved to a separate dedicated location.

==Version 2.1 change list==
*HAM-SixHands:Shovels now only count as one hand ( Down from 2 hands )
*HAM-SixHands:Your Explosives skill determines how many explosives you can carry.

==Version 2.0 change list==
*Changed name of mod to FONVA to HAM: Hardcore Advanced Mods
*HAM-Spawns: Cleaned up spawns to reduce both random battles and creatures that seemed out of place.
*HAM-Spawns: Increased max dead bodies per cell.
*HAM-SixHands: Detonators no longer count as a hand.
*HAM-SixHands: Now includes explosives in a separate pool.
*HAM-Needs: Cost of auto-regen reduced. ( Damage module spiked challenge level dramatically and the cost of the regen was simply out of control.)
*HAM-Damage: First public release.

Increases damage of all weapons in the game by modifying ammo and ammo effects. This method allows for just guns to do far higher damage than before without ruining the balance of damage threshold. This module also has the side effect that melee weapons are not so overpowered anymore and energy weapons are considerably more effective as well. Of the other mods this one is the most experimental and the least compatible. I am merely releasing because it turned out pretty cool but I still wish to find a more elegant solution.

*Ammo effects double base damage of a gun and double base DT of the target.
*Reduced sneak attack damage bonus to 2 ( was 4 )
*Weapon skill has less influence on weapon damage.
-At 0 skill you will be able to do 80% weapon damage.
-at 100 skill you gain 20% more damage.

*WARNING! Mixing this module with other mods that increase global damage or reduce player health to 150~ makes damage absolutely insane!

====>*NVSE* Needed!<====
In Fallout New Vegas there are one and two handed weapons.
With this mod active you are allowed to carry 6 hands worth of weapons before your max carry weight is reduced by 20wg for every hand over the 6 hand limit.

(NEW!) Now includes explosives! At 0 explosives skill you can only carry 6 total explosives before taking a penalty. At 100 explosives skill you can carry 24 explosives before taking a penalty.

====>*Hardcore Mode* Needed!<====
When out of combat your hp will begin to refill automatically however the effect will cause hunger, dehydration, and sleep deprivation to increase at a faster rate. If you do not use stimpaks to recover health your body fatigues much faster forcing you to eat drink and sleep more often.

====>*Hardcore Mode* Needed!<====
This module covers all of the same things that most, if not all other overhaul modules also cover. If you play with a heavily moded game then this most likely has nothing new to offer. If you do not then this module covers all the basics baring slower leveling speed and less skill points per level.

*Removes health regen from food.
*Adjusts effects of Nuka Cola and sugary drinks.
*Drinkable water sources, Hydra and cocktails are nerfed to a more balanced state.
*Adjustments made to make cooked foods more useful than more *common foods. Increased rads on all foods.
*Chems, books, magazines and stimpaks now have weight.
*Ammo, food, chems and stimpaks are much more rare.
*Cost of repair with NPCs is slightly cheaper.
*Harder to repair items yourself
*NPCs sell items for more.
*NPCs buy items for less.

I am open for all requests, comments, feedback so feel free to let me know what you think.

credits special thanks
Corena Harton ( Cover art for HAM, lol you rock babe! )
adelamer2569 and (Helped me out of a pinch by merging an esp into an esm.)
behippo ( Example script for Six hands )
DarkUncleBoh ( Comments suggestions )
TomSawyer ( Comments suggestions )