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Allows you to set your home marker that fired followers can return to, instead of only the Lucky 38.

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Having issues?
If you're not seeing the option to fire them to your home, there's another mod overriding the followers quest fire dialog. Move Follower Home Marker lower in the load order.

Cass's dialogue is wrong in vanilla (tested with empty load order). To get to Cass's orders, such as Wait, Trade, It's time for us to part ways, Let's talk about where we call home, etc.... Do this:
  • "I'd like to ask you a few questions." Then
  • "It's time for us to part ways." Then
  • "On second thought, stick with me for a little longer."
  • Doing this will take you back to the top-level orders dialog. So do the fire dialog, but then don't fire her, and you'll see her orders menu. Again, this is a vanilla issue.

What is this mod?
Allows you to set your home marker that fired companions can return to, instead of only the Lucky 38. The home location is used/shared by all the vanilla followers, so you only have to set it with one of them and it will affect them all.

If you're not seeing the option to fire them to Your Place, that means 1) you don't have the Lucky 38 Suite yet, and 2) you have not yet set a home other than Lucky 38 yet. Either get to Lucky 38 or set your home as somewhere with "Let's talk about where we call home".

UPDATE 5/24/2011: 1.3
  • Fixed error where sometimes it might not save choice of 38/here
  • Fixed fired message box to show correct message (home or Lucky 38)

UPDATE 5/16/2011: 1.2
  • Extended the sandbox radius for the Fired package from 150 units to 5000 units.
  • Added the "fast travel when fired" script added by official patch

UPDATE 11/09/2010: 1.1
  • Fixed ED-E's Fired package. Was actually missed. Thank you, tylitalo for reporting.

Beta initial release. Please let me know if there are issues.

How it works:
  • Adds a new marker.
  • Changes the *L38 AI packages to sandbox at the new marker instead of the default followermarker.
  • Adds dialog to followers: "Let's talk about where we call home." with options: a) Lucky 38. b) Right here. c) Cancel.
  • The above dialog will move the marker to Lucky 38 or to you.
  • Alters the text dialog so that the option to Fire them to the Lucky 38 instead generically says "my home" or "my place".
  • Their spoken response to being fired to your home still may reference Vegas, robots, or Lucky 38. I didn't change their response.
  • You can still always fire them to their own home/where you found them, too.


Alters dialogue topics "FollowersFiredYes", "FollowersFiredYesSuite", as well as the AI packages ending in "L38".

Compatible with Charisma Based Follower Limits; that mod changes the "FollowersHired" dialogue.

Compatible with Unlimited Companions; that mod changes the "FollowersHired" dialogue.

Compatible with Companion Idles; that changes the Follow packages.

Compatible with Companion Sandbox Mode; that changes the Wait/Guard packages.


No known issues so far, please let me know if you find any.


0.1 11/07/2010 - Initial Release


Thanks to Bethesda/Obsidian for creating Fallout NV.

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Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.