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Adds to the list of recipes obtained with the Nuka Chemist Perk (including Nuka-Cola Quantum) and tweaks the existing ones.

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This mod expands on the Workbench recipes you gain access to when taking the Nuka Chemist Perk. The following recipes are added:

Cherry Nuka-Cola - 1 Nuka-Cola. The less-popular reformulation of the national brand.

Nuka-Cola Clear - 1 Nuka-Cola. Part of the "clear craze", Nuka-Cola Clear has a lighter, fruitier taste.

Nuka-Cola Fusion - 5 Nuka-Colas. A highly concentrated form of Nuka-Cola created from dregs of normal Nuka-Cola, it glows a worrying green.

Nuka-Cola Quantum - 5 Nuka-Colas. Quantum has the same principle effects as in Fallout 3, and also reduces Sleep Deprivation by a whopping 100 in Hardcore. (Note that I have not altered Quantum's stats from what it was prior to being cut from New Vegas.)

Nuka-Cola Shock! - 5 Nuka-Colas. A precursor to Quantum, Shock! was taken off shelves after consumers complained of dizziness and an almost overpowering sense of motivation. Also, there may have been strokes involved.

Nuka-Cola with Cinnamon - 4 Nuka-Colas. Part of the "flavor craze" of the 2050s, Cinnamon was Nuka-Cola's only attempt to cash in on it. Cinnamon sold poorly (except in Brazil) due to complaints that the flavor was "too much like liquid fire."

NukaLurk Meat (2) - 2 Lakelurk Meat, 1 Nuka-Cola Quantum. It doesn't have that same "irradiated-in" taste as meat from the real, delightfully endangered species, but you'll be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

Rum & Nuka (2) - 1 Nuka-Cola, 1 Scotch. Yes, it's not really Rum in that drink, but be honest: after the first sip it could be gasoline for all you'd notice.

Mississippi Quantum Pie (2) - 1 Flour, 1 Vodka, 1 Nuka-Cola Quantum. This delicious recipe comes from Nuka-Cola Fan Club President Sierra Petrovita.

Yellow "Nuka-Cola" - 1 Empty Nuka-Cola Bottle, 1 Bottle Cap. It doesn't appear to be carbonated and it has a bouquet which can only be described as "strong".

This mod also tweaks the output from all Nuka-Cola recipes by "saving" Bottle Caps. For example, when making Nuka-Cola Victory, you will put in three bottles of Nuka-Cola and get back one bottle of Victory without this mod. With this mod you will also get two bottle caps: bottle caps left from two of the bottles of normal Nuka-Cola, with the third being used to seal the bottle of Nuka-Cola Victory.

Yes, I realize that probably isn't hugely beneficial, but it's thematically correct.

I think I've added enough recipes to be satisfactory, but I'm always interested in ideas. If you have a thought on a new potential flavor of Nuka-Cola, or perhaps some tweaks that could be made to existing flavors, do let me know.