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Re-enables some dialogue which allows you to employ the services of Gomorrah prostitutes, as well as adding sound effects to the \"transaction\"

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UPDATE: Added in sound effects. Note that this does not fix sound effect playback if you do not normally hear orgasm noises during sex scenes.
Gomorrah is known for its girls (and guys) as much as its gambling, and yet there is no way you can employ their services in the game.

Curiously, there are actually options to allow this, but they are mostly disabled (by accident or on purpose I can't tell). This mod re-enables those options. Speaking to any Gomorrah Prostitute found on the first two levels or in the Courtyard will offer you the option of retaining their services for 50 caps. The screen will fade to black, you will hear some telltale sounds, and then you will awake some distance away, having returned from wherever you *ahem* "completed the transaction".

Note that, like all other transactions with prostitutes (except Dazzle) this has no effect other than parting you from your caps.


Although this mod is scripted to trigger sex sounds, it does not fix the playback issue that prevents them from being heard by some users. If you do not normally hear sounds during sex scenes then you will need to download an additional fix for this. It just so happens I have made that very thing.