Fallout New Vegas
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Bringing hairy diversity to the wastes one NPC at a time.

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The goal of this project is to bring a diversity of hairstyles found in Mikoto's Beauty Pack to the citicens of the Mohave Wastes.

Current Completion -- Named NPC's: A - S -- 127 NPC's changed

Mikoto Beauty Pack v4.0 or higher is REQUIRED for this to work.

Author's Note

My name is Matthew Youmans. I am the author of the various Project Mikoto Mods. 

I've come here to seek your help

I used to weigh 500lbs. I was told by doctors that to continue my habits and weight gain would see me dead by the age of forty. I have since lost over 125lbs, and counting. 

In March of 2017 I am walking across Canada. 

I am attempting to fund a kickstarter to make a film of my journey. Please take a couple of minutes to watch my video and share my project on social media. If you are interested please support the kickstarter too. Right now things are not looking good for the success of my kickstarter.

Please Help!

-Matthew Youmans