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A set of unofficial patches for the G.E.C.K., which fixes bugs and adds new functions.

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The G.E.C.K. PowerUp for Fallout: New Vegas

Version 0.1.3 beta has been released. Now with a hack to make room and portal markers visible and transparent.

This is an unofficial patch for the GECK which fixes some issues and improves it.

Here are the improvements:
  • Script compiler warnings will now be displayed. Scripts will no longer silently fail to compile.
  • Many other warnings were restored: in cell loader, in NavMesh checker, and so on, more than in 1000 places. [since 0.1.2]
  • Adds a special Marker hack which makes RoomMarkers and PortalMarkers visible and transparent in the render window [since 0.1.3]. Unfortunately, cannot make them completely invisible as they should be, but it's better than having to move them all away just to see the cell.
  • You can now save scripts without compiling them (useful if you want to save your script and finish it later).
  • The spell checker can now be enabled and disabled at runtime.
  • Fixed the bug which caused the GECK to crash when user double-clicks on empty space in Form List Editor.
  • The "Edit" menu item in Form List editor will now work.
  • All MessageBox'es will now be in English, regardless of your system's language. This also means that "Cancel" will be replaced by "Yes to all" where intended by GECK developers. [since 0.1.2]

The PowerUp does not modify any files on the disk. It loads the GECK and applies all patches in RAM. It also does not
alter plugin files you create, they remain completely normal.

Source code is available and included in the distribution.

New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) is supported by PowerUp 0.1.1 with a special update. This update is not required if you don't use NVSE.

From 0.1.2 RC onward PowerUp has integrated support for NVSE.

I've tested NVSE 1.0 beta 1 and 1.0 beta 4, but it will most likely work with other versions as well.

GECK PowerUp supports GECK (i.e. initial release). You also should have the latest Fallout: New Vegas version, although it's not critical.

Fallout: New Vegas GECK include a built-in spell checker but for some reason does not include a dictionary for it. You can use the one from Fallout 3 GECK instead.

If you have Fallout 3 GECK installed, simply copy the folder "lex" from your Fallout 3 folder into your New Vegas folder (assuming you didn't install GECKs somewhere else).

If you don't, download Fallout 3 GECK (http://download.zenimax.com/fallout/3/geck/Fallout3_GECK.exe), install it to any directory (but not into New Vegas directory) and do what is described above. You need neither Fallout 3 itself, nor update 1.5 for the GECK.

This advice is not directly related to PowerUp, it's just a tip for those who are new to NV/FO3 modding, so that they don't think the spell checker is entirely useless and disable it forever without a second thought.

Please consult the readme.

Some paranoid antivirus software can detect geckpu.exe as a "Process Patcher", "Injector" or
"Invader". Yes, it does patch/"invade"/inject code into geck.exe, so please allow this activity.

On the other hand, it is possible that PowerUp gets infected with malware on your PC or somewhere
along the way, so if your antivirus says there is a known virus in it, you may want to perform
additional checks.

The GECK PowerUp for Fallout 3 is also available!

CHANGES IN 0.1.3 beta
  • Added Marker hack to display RoomMarkers and PortalMarkers
  • CHANGES IN 0.1.2 RC2
    Version 0.1.2 has never reached the final release, Second Release Candidate
    is its final incarnation.
  • Restored display of warnings in a multitude of places
  • (Minor) Now all MessageBox'es will be in English, regardless of your system's locale
  • NVSE support integrated
  • CHANGES IN 0.1.1
  • Fixed incompatibility with Windows XP.
  • If some windows still don't appear, maybe your settings are corrupted. Try removing GECKPrefs.ini and GECKCustom.ini from My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV and restarting PowerUp.