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Makes the Powder Gangers shun you for killing Joe Cobb instead of being out right vilified.

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I always found it annoying that for helping out Ringo and protecting the people of Goodsprings made you vilified by the Powder Gangers. Gohst Town Gunfight is one of the earliest quests you can take and is completed by almost every Good Karma player when they start a new game. Not to mention the completely broken reputation system where all it takes is to kill one NPC to become vilified but it takes several faction related quests to become liked.

Little rant aside I created this mod so people who play a new game can complete Ghost Town Gunfight without becoming vilified by the Powder Gangers which makes it easier to gain entry to the NCR Correctional Facility and undertake the I Fought the Law quest.

--------------WHAT IT DOES--------------

This is a very simple mod, all it does is make Joe Cobb and his five Powder Ganger friends associated with the Fiends. Completing Ghost Town Gunfight should now only make you shunned by the Powder Gangers which is caused by completion of the quest and not the death of the Joe Cobb.


This mod should be compatible with anything, so long as the anything does not make changes to Joe Cobb and his gang.