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Boxing tape as clothing instead of a \"weapon\". Seperated in left & right glove with minor stat boosts. Looks nice to (nearly) every armor! :)

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This is my first attempt at modding and I hope everything works exactly for you as it does for me. ^^

Knuckle Beat Gloves V1.1


I always wanted the Boxing Tape to be avaiable as a clothing part and so I made this mod - which worked out pretty good so far (I least for me ^^).

I seperated them in left & right handwear, so that I/we can mix and match as I/we see fit. (And since I do not know how to make them a pair - even better! :D)

You can get them from Cliff Briscoe in the Novac Gift Shop.

Stats (for each hand - cumulative bonus)

AP +5
Guns +2
Crit. Chance +2

Weight: --

DR: 1

Since Update V1.1:

Unarmed +2


Just take the files and folders inside the *.zip file and place them in your Data folder inside the games directory.


Delete the files and folders my mod added and if you still wish to - tell me why you did it! ^^


If you have another mod running which adds inventory to Cliff Briscoes vendor list, it could come to problems (either the gloves or the other added inventory might not show up at all).


Currently none that I know of - please let me know if you find something!