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This mode added most popular ammo calibr(with Projectiles), fix shells and bullets to all ammo in game. Each kind of ammo has the bullet and a sleeve, box of supplies and weight.

Permissions and credits
This mode added most popular ammo calibr(with Projectiles),
fix shells and bullets to all ammo in game.

Archive contains two .ESM file.
ESM with tracers and ESM without tracers in the folder "ESM without tracer".
Install only one ESM.

Fixed all this ammo and the weapon which them uses:

9 mm
10 mm
.357 Magnum
.44 Magnum (10.9x33R mm)
12.7 mm
5 mm
5.56 mm (.223 Remington)
.308 Caliber (7.62x51 NATO)
.50 BMG
Shotgun Shell
25mm Grenade

New Rounds:

For rifles:
4.7x33 mm Caseless
5.45x39 mm
7.62x39 mm
7.62x54R mm
7.92x33 PP Kurz
9x39 SP-5
9x39 SP-6 armor piercing
.300 Winchester Magnum
.303 British
.338 Lapua Magnum
12.7x108 mm

For pistols and submachine guns:
5.7x28 mm FN
7.62x25 mm
9x18 mm
9x19 mm
9õ21 7H29/SP-10 armor piercing
.32 Caliber (7.65x17SR Browning)
.357 SIG
.45 ACP
.454 Casull
.50 AE
14 mm (14 mm Pistol)
HN Needler Cartridge (Needler Pistol)

EMP shotgun shell(from Fallout Tactics)
40 mm Grenades


Extract archive and copy all files to Fallout's Data folder. Who does not know - "X:\_____\_____\Fallout New Vegas\Data". Launch "ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated", next start the "Fallout Mod Manager" and enable "Fallout Ammo Pack NV.esm"
How to fasten the necessary bullet and a sleeve to the weapon - launch GECK, load the necessary plug-ins, find in the list the weapon you need, for example "HK UMP45", and start to edit, in the "Art and Sound" there is a point "Projectiles", find in the list the bullet you need(in this case "FalloutAmmoPack45ACPBulletProjectile"). Further all in the same "Art and Sound" the point "Shell Casing" is need, next click on "EDIT" and choose "45acpcasing". Enjoy

Load Order:

Load after all .ESM

If you find some kind bugs, please contact me.

Mod Author : Gennie (plugin file, textures and some meshes)
The basic models of bullets and sleeves "Shells and Slugs Modders Resource" author ODIN_ml
(Original files http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php? id=4542)

Alteration only for itself is supposed
Modifying any part of this mod and Upload on other sites only from my permission