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Makes the Bottle Cap Press found in the Sunset Sarsaparilla Factory able to produce caps. Turns 1 Scrap Metal into 25 caps, and penalizes you 1 karma point.

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UPDATE: New version which should ensure you can lie to McLafferty about destroying the cap press, provided you followed the new optional quest objectives. The dialogue option is the EXACT same option you pick when you have actually destroyed the cap press; the difference is that it is now available after you've seen the cap press but NOT destroyed it, and will award negative karma if that is the case.
A brief little mod that turns the Bottle Cap Press into a working piece of equipment. You now have access to a third option which allows you to create Bottle Caps from Scrap Metal. One piece of Scrap Metal produces 25 Bottle Caps. It will also penalize you 1 Karma point. Using the press will remove all scrap metal from your inventory and generate the appropriate amount of caps.

Currently this only changes the options available when activating the Bottle Cap Press. In the future it will also include an option which will allow you to lie to Alice McLafferty and say the press has been disabled, thus completing the "Pressing Matters" quest while still leaving the Bottle Cap Press intact.