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adds a bunch of new clothing to the game

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Rogue Ranger Coats

Version 1.2

A Mod For Fallout 3 - New Vegas


adds a bunch of new clothing to the game


extract everything in your ...FalloutNewVegas/Data/ directory


lol as if i would have intended that... no! i dont know how!
if you insist... delete all files from your fallout/data folder that you find in the *.rar archive downloaded for this mod


activate JRougeRangerCoats4Free.esp OR JRougeRangerCoats4Loot.esp in the Fallout:NV launcher of your choice

-JRogueRangerCoats4Free.esp adds the clothing to vendors and loot aswell as giving the player a free set
-JRogueRangerCoats4Loot.esp adds the clothing to vendors and loot


-i reused modified vanilla meshes once again, simly 10 times faster and fits the game graphic wise
-the items can be bought from vendors, found in loot and on enemies in appropriate places
-all items come in male and female versions

inlcuded clothing items:

-business suit
-dark business suit
-dark red business suit
-face scarf
-bandit mask
-khaki pants
-khaki pants and armor bits
-muscle coat
-white rogue ranger coat
-retired ranger coat
-rouge rogue ranger coat
-grey rogue ranger coat
-desperado outfit
-dark depserado outfit
-badass desperado outfit (male only)
-dark badass desperado outfit
-desperado coat
-dark desperado coat

-the coat and msucle coat can be worn with basicly anything, might clip with some armor tho

-all items are distributed throughout the gameworld, npcs use em

=====COPYRIGHT RULES===========

all content of this mod is protected and may not be redistributed or modified without my explicit permission.


added a bunch of stuff and changed AR to DR and hence fixed the toughness perk i assume

added desperado outfits and fixed some nifs

=====FUTURE PROSPECTS==========



body replacers that use a UV map different from the vanilla body's UV map may result in strange textures on models from this mod which show skin


me... and even more me...
Bethesda for most of the assets used


this mod might kill you, your loved ones or the whole world! i take no responsibility for
any action done or any event happening as a result of playing this or any other of my mods.
it includes gore, probably but not necessarily boobs, brutality and sheer beauty... if you dont
like any of these avoid this mod.