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The Dragonskin Tactical Outfit mod actually adds a selection of the titular outfits - in different colours and camo patterns - to the Wasteland. It is loosely based on the real Dragon Skin body armour apparently in use today by SWAT teams, Secret Service and other elite military personnel.

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This is a port of the Fallout 3 mod of the same name (available here). Some things to note:

DTO-BP: The 'Dragonskin Tactical Outfit - Bonus Pack' (DTO-BP) is available under the Files tab and contains bonus camo/colour variants of DTO items. It also includes an integrated menu system that makes it easier to get the exact DTO items you want. Images with the 'DTO BP' prefix are from DTO-BP.

Third-party add-ons: Add-ons based on an old version of DTO (versions before v1.1) will likely cause graphical issues when using DTO. These add-ons will need to be updated to remain compatible with DTO.

NV Goggles: The night-vision goggles seen in some screenshots are from the Animated Night-Vision Goggles mod.

Weapons: I often get asked where to find the custom weapons seen in some of my screenshots here. The FO3 ones are from WMK, FOOK2 and WMK-FOOK2. The FNV ones are from WMX-ModernWeapons.


Fallout New Vegas:

Dragonskin Tactical Outfit

Version: 1.1
Date: 09-12-2011
Author: Antistar (Joseph Lollback)
E-mail: [email protected]

1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installation/Uninstallation
4. Playing the mod
5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
6. Save games
7. Conflicts/Known Issues
8. Credits
9. Modder's Resource Info
10. Contact and Information
11. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
12. Version History


The Dragonskin Tactical Outfit mod actually adds a selection of the titular outfits - in different colours and camo patterns - to the Wasteland. It is loosely based on the real Dragon Skin body armour apparently in use today by SWAT teams, Secret Service and other elite military personnel. During testing this armour withstood multiple assault rifle bullet impacts and even point-blank hand grenade blasts.

The mod also adds matching 'Dragon' Combat Helmets, plus Combat Backpacks (that increase the maximum weight the wearer can carry), M40 Gas Masks (that provide some radiation resistance to the wearer), Tactical Goggles and Balaclavas to complete the look.

The player will not need to find (or purchase) more than one outfit to be able to use it in different camo configurations: much cheaper and lighter 'camo covers' for the armour and helmets allow the player to swap the camo type used by the outfit whenever they wish.

The outfits themselves are quite expensive, but offer fantastic protection: they are intended to be amongst the best armour available in-game; before stepping up to power armour, that is. For the sake of comparison (with default game values), the outfits offer slightly more protection than Reinforced Combat Armour, but not as much protection as Reinforced Combat Armour Mark 2. The outfits also increase the maximum weight the wearer can carry, and offer mild bonuses to the Small Guns and Sneak skills.

Outfit and Helmet Camo Types:
- Black
- Desert
- NCR (Considered NCR Faction clothing, not part of camo-swapping system)
- Urban
- Winter
- Woodland

Backpack Camo Types:
- Black
- Brown
- Desert
- Grey
- Olive Drab
- Tan
- Urban
- White
- Winter
- Woodland

Tech Specs:

Dragonskin Tactical Outfit
DT- 18
Value- 9000
Max Condition- 750
Weight- 25
Weight Class- Medium
Bonuses- Carry Weight +20, Guns +5, Sneak +5
Repaired with- Dragonskin Tactical Outfits

Dragon Combat Helmet
DT- 5
Value- 1500
Max Condition- 100
Weight- 3
Weight Class- Light
Repaired with- Dragon Combat Helmets, Combat Helmet/Reinforced/Mark 2

Combat Backpack
DT- 0
Value- 350
Max Condition- N/A
Weight- 3
Weight Class- Light
Bonuses- Carry Weight +60
Repaired with- N/A

DT- 0
Value- 75
Max Condition- 150
Weight- 1
Weight Class- Light
Bonuses- Fire Resistance +3
Repaired with- Balaclavas, Bandanas, Berets, Head Wraps

M40 Gas Mask
DT- 0
Value- 250
Max Condition- 150
Weight- 2
Weight Class- Light
Bonuses- Rad Resistance +10
Repaired with- M40 Gas Masks, Biker Goggles, White Glove Masks, Hockey Masks

Tactical Goggles
DT- 0
Value- 75
Max Condition- 100
Weight- 0.5
Weight Class- Light
Repaired with- Tactical Goggles, Biker Goggles

2. Requirements

- Fallout New Vegas
- [OPTIONAL] New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) v1.0 Beta 1 or above. Get it from here: http://nvse.silverlock.org



- Using 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org), extract the contents (everything - ALL files and folders) of the DragonskinTacticalOutfit.7z archive file to your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasData directory. If asked if you want to overwrite files and folders, click 'Yes to all' (or equivalent for your operating system).

- In the Data Files section of the Fallout New Vegas Launcher - or using a mod manager tool - place a tick in the box next to DragonskinTacticalOutfit.esp.

- ArchiveInvalidation *may* be necessary if you have not performed it already. Try this tool: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35935

- [OPTIONAL] If you want NCR Rangers to have the chance to spawn with NCR-variant Dragonskin Outfits and/or Dragon Helmets, place a tick in the box next to DragonskinNCRPersonnelWearingOutfits.esp in the Data Files section of the Fallout New Vegas Launcher - or using a mod manager tool. DragonskinNCRPersonnelWearingOutfits.esp must load *after* DragonskinTacticalOutfit.esp - changing the load order of plugins is easiest to do using a mod manager tool.

- [OPTIONAL] If you have not already done so, download and install NVSE (http://nvse.silverlock.org). Be sure to read and follow the NVSE documentation *closely*.

- [OPTIONAL] If you do not want to use the modified pistol equip/unequip animations included with this mod, delete the 1hpequip.kf, 1hpholster.kf, 1hpunequip.kf, sneak1hpequip.kf and sneak1hpunequip.kf files from your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasDatameshescharacters_male directory after installing this mod - or do not install these files to begin with.

Automatic Merged Patch Creation:

- This is strongly recommended as standard practice when using mods for FNV (especially a lot of mods at the same time), as it may improve compatibility between mods you may be using (including - but not limited to - DTO).

- Download FNVEdit (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703) to create the 'merged patch'. This should be done after you have installed and activated all the mods you wish to play the game with (and have configured your load order using a mod manager tool). This is how to do it:

- Run FNVEdit, and a list of all the plugins in your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasData directory will come up, listed as per your load order. By default, the plugins you have activated in the New Vegas Launcher or in a mod manager tool will have ticks next to them. This is what you want, so just click 'OK'.

- Once FNVEdit has finished loading, right-click somewhere in the panel on the left that lists your activated plugins, and select 'Create Merged Patch' from the context menu.

- Enter a name for the patch into the window that pops up (any name you like), and click on 'OK'.

- Once FNVEdit has finished generating the patch (it creates a new .esp file with the name you entered), which should only take a few seconds, close FNVEdit. Click 'OK' on the window that pops up to save the Merged Patch that was generated.

- Finally, make sure the Merged Patch esp is loading after all your other plugins (which it should already be, by default), and activate it using the New Vegas Launcher or a mod manager tool.

- If you ever uninstall plugins, update existing plugins, or install new ones, deactivate and delete the Merged Patch, and then follow these instructions again to create a new one.

Updating from an earlier version:

- Install the files from the newer version (following the installation instructions above) over the top of the files from the older version - clicking 'Yes to All' (or equivalent) when Windows asks if you wish to overwrite files and folders.

- Check your load order. Updating plugins can change your load order.

- Update your merged patch if you use one (see Automatic Merged Patch Creation, above).

- Resume play: no other steps required.


- In the Data Files section of the Fallout New Vegas Launcher - or using a mod manager tool - clear the tick in the box next to DragonskinTacticalOutfit.esp (and DragonskinNCRPersonnelWearingOutfits.esp, if it was also activated).

- If desired, delete all files copied to your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasData directory during installation (check the DragonskinTacticalOutfit.7z archive file to identify these files).


Dragonskin Tactical Outfits, Dragon Combat Helmets, Camo Covers, Balaclavas, M40 Gas Masks and Tactical Goggles can be either purchased or found in certain locations in the Mojave Wasteland. They can be purchased from these merchants:

188 Trading Post- Alexander
Brotherhood Of Steel- Torres
Camp McCarran Supply Shack- Contreras
Gun Runners HQ- Vendortron
Hoover Dam- Bardon
Mojave Outpost- Lacey

Finding the outfits, helmets, camo covers, gas masks and balaclavas in the Wasteland may prove more difficult. They are highly prized, and will likely only be found in well-secured armouries, caches and strongholds; places that may be difficult (or impossible) for very low-level characters to access.

Dragonskin Tactical Camo Covers can be used to swap the camo pattern used by a Dragonskin Tactical Outfit and Dragon Combat Helmet. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Ensure that the outfit and/or helmet you want to change is equipped.
2) Activate the Outfit or Helmet Camo item you wish to apply (they are found in the Aid section of your Pip-Boy).

The new camo pattern will be applied to your outfit/helmet, and the old pattern will be added to your inventory as another outfit/helmet camo item that can be later re-applied if you wish to return the outfit/helmet to how it looked earlier.

Note that this camo-swapping system will only work if you have NVSE installed (see the installation instructions above). Users without NVSE can still use the mod as normal - but the camo-swapping system will simply not work until/unless NVSE is installed (and a message will appear saying as much, if the user attempts to use a camo cover).

Note also that the NCR variant of the DTO outfit is not included in the camo-swapping system, as it was found to interfere with the game's faction disguise system. See the Known Issues section for more information.

The Dragonskin Tactical Outfit incorporates a thigh holster for pistols, and the mod includes modified pistol draw/holster animations to make pistols sit in the holster when holstered, rather than on the waist as in default Fallout New Vegas. See the installations instructions above if you do not want to use these modified animations.

The optional DragonskinNCRPersonnelWearingOutfits.esp plugin adds the chance for NCR Rangers to spawn with Dragonskin Tactical Outfits and/or Dragon Combat Helmets (NCR camo variants). Note that this is only a *chance* for NCR Rangers to spawn with these items - and it does not affect regular NCR troops, or Elite Rangers; only NCR Rangers.


Q) Can I criticise you for implementing something in DTO in an 'unrealistic' way?
A) Well I can't stop you, but I might save you from wasting your time by telling you now that I won't care. This mod does not attempt to be perfectly 'realistic' - it is intended to make gameplay (and aesthetic) additions to Fallout New Vegas; no more or less.

Q) But I want to talk about the real-world Dragon Skin body armour! Will you give a flying firetruck if I start talking about this?
A) No I will not.

Q) Will/can you make a version of the mod where the camo-swapping system doesn't require NVSE?
A) No, it's not possible; sorry.

Q) I'm having trouble with NVSE. Can you help me?
A) No - I am not part of the NVSE team; you'll need to contact them regarding issues with NVSE.

Q) Where can I find Dragonskin Tactical Outfits in a specific camo type? (Eg: black, desert, urban, etc.)
A) The camo types found - both for sale by merchants and in the game world - are determined randomly. The DTO Bonus Pack (downloaded separately) gives greater control in obtaining specific camo types, so you may want to try that if you really want a particular type *right now*.

Q) Will you add a camo-swapping system for the Combat Backpacks?
A) Possibly.

Q) Is DTO compatible with [insert name of mod here]?
A) DTO should be compatible with almost all other mods. I have, however, listed the base objects edited by this mod in the 'Conflicts/Known Issues' section below, to help users and modders determine for themselves whether a specific mod will conflict with DTO or not.

Q) Is DTO compatible with [insert name of body-replacer here]?
A) Dragonskin Tactical Outfits cover the body entirely (no bare skin), so the mod should be compatible with all body-replacers.

Q) Is there a female version of the Dragonskin Tactical Outfit?
A) Yes, there is; and it can be seen in some of the promo images that (should be) on the page where you downloaded DTO. The outfit is not particularly revealing or form-fitting, however, so don't expect the female version to look overwhelmingly 'feminine'.

Q) I don't like the changes you've made in DTO v1.1. Can I have the old version back please?
A) That's a shame. For the record, the changes made in DTO v1.1 were highly requested over a long time period (and were things I wanted myself too). As for access to the old version, it's obviously within your power to just keep it and not upgrade to the latest version. I *could* make it available for download as a resource if lots of people want it, but that's sort of messy, so I'd prefer not to.

Q) My character's head/face is clipping through the balaclava/gas mask. Can you fix this?
A) No (and please see the Known Issues section below for more information). Earlier versions of DTO had goggles integrated into the balaclava itself in order to fully hide the head and side-step this issue. Lots of people (including myself) didn't like the goggles being integrated like that, so I changed it. Unfortunately there's a necessary compromise here; certain head/face shapes will have clipping issues.

Q) Is DTO compatible with Kenkuro's Holster Animations mod?
A) At the time of writing it is (to the best of my knowledge). DTO uses animation files from Kenkuro's Holster Animations mod, so using both it and DTO at the same time is fine since they are the same files.

Q) What do I do with the file I downloaded? It's an unknown file type/I don't know what to do with 7z files.
A) You need a program like 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org) or WinRAR (http://www.rarlab.com) to open the file you downloaded. After you have that, follow the installation instructions above.

Q) Why is New Vegas crashing/stalling on startup?
A) This is usually caused by a load order issue. Check the load order information in the Installation Instructions section of the DTO readme - and the readmes for any DTO add-ons you may be using. Also, do NOT rename any DTO plugins - especially DragonskinTacticalOutfit.esp.

Q) Why am I seeing 3D exclamation points and/or missing texture notifications instead of items from the DTO mod?
A) This happens when the game can't find the meshes and textures it's looking for; in this case that means that DTO wasn't installed correctly. Along with the DragonskinTacticalOutfit.esp file, you also need to place the [meshes] and [textures] directories from the DragonskinTacticalOutfit.7z archive file into your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasData directory. Click on 'Yes To All' if a window pops up asking you if you want to replace files and folders (you won't lose anything). Also (in the case of texture issues - not missing mesh issues) make sure you've followed the ArchiveInvalidation part of the Installation Instructions above - on the outside chance that this is the cause.

Q) Will you tell me how to cheat to get the items added by this mod so I don't have to purchase or go looking for them?
A) There are console commands to give your character any items you want; and with a bit of research I'm sure you'll work it out. I'm not going to actively help people to cheat at my mod though: it goes against the intended design of DTO.

Q) I'm making my own changes/mod using DTO assets and I'm getting text on the outfit saying things like 'upper arm right' and 'back flap'. How do I get rid of that text?
A) Those are placeholder textures for 'patches' that can be added to the outfit. To make them invisible, assign the 'NullTextureSet' texture set to those mesh sections ('Arms:3', 'Arms:4' and 'UpperBody:10').


- Activating or de-activating this mod should not have any negative effects on your existing save game/s - but as always, it is good practice to keep backups.
- Follow the Uninstallation instructions above if you wish to de-activate this mod.


- Some imperfect rigging - notably around the shoulders and knees. I consider it to be better than earlier versions of the mod, but these are very common problem areas for rigging; you'll see problems in these areas in many outfits from the base game too.

- Certain head shapes may clip through the balaclava. Also some clipping in the chin area when wearing both balaclava and gas mask at the same time. Unavoidable without creating worse problems in other areas.

- Particularly bushy beards will likely clip through the balaclava and gas mask. Some hairstyles may also clip through the balaclava, albeit (and oddly) only when also wearing a Dragon Combat Helmet (and possibly other helmets; not tested). Many hairstyles will undoubtedly clip through the gas mask (straps) if it is worn without a balaclava.

- It was discovered during testing that if a Balaclava is worn at the same time as a Dragon Combat Helmet (or other helmets, possibly - not tested), the helmet will not take durability damage, but the Balaclava will. I imagine this is due to both these objects being technically 'helmets' from the game's point of view.

- The Dragonskin Tactical Outfits, Combat Backpacks and M40 Gas Mask use relatively high-poly meshes and high-res textures, and so may cause performance issues on lower-end computers if (say) given to an army of companion NPCs. These would almost certainly have to be computers that struggle to run New Vegas generally, though.

- Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (NCR) is unfortunately not covered by the DTO camo-swapping system, as it interfered with the game's faction disguise system. I couldn't see a way around this without having to re-write the whole faction disguise system (and no, I'm not going to do that).

- Efforts were made to make this mod as conflict-free as possible, but it *may* conflict with mods that also alter these base objects:

- FactionGearNVNCR (Form List)
- NVTravelLightBadArmorList (Form List)
- Pistol holster animations (replaces vanilla animation files - optional, though, as noted in the installation instructions above)
- Several cells had containers added to them; some in playable space, some not (no other changes made to cells). I would list specifics, but they would constitute spoilers. They are easily discovered by opening the plugin in the GECK or FNVEdit, in any case.

- Following the 'Automatic Merged Patch Creation' part of the installation instructions (see above) will minimise conflicts between DTO and other mods that also alter these base objects (the list objects, at least).


Any aspect of the mod not specifically mentioned here is the work of Joseph Lollback (that would be me).

The following meshes were used as base elements of the final outfit (text in brackets indicates changes made by me):
- 10mm Pistol Magazine by Bethsoft (shape modified slightly)
- Combat Backpack by SedPL
- Chinese Jumpsuit sleeves by Bethsoft (extensively modified)
- Combat Helmet by Bethsoft (shape modified slightly, parts removed, parts added)
- Wasteland Grunt outfit by Bethsoft (extensively modified)
- M40 Gas Mask by Sparky84 (some fixes, tweaks and optimisations, shape modified)
- Ski Mask with goggles by Bethsoft (extensively modified)
- Tactical Vest by Ohnomelon (extensively modified)
- Thigh Holster by Alexscorpion (some tweaks and optimisations)

The following textures were used as base elements of the final outfit (text in brackets indicates changes made by me):
- 10mm Pistol Magazine by Bethsoft
- Chinese Jumpsuit sleeves by Bethsoft (extensively modified)
- Combat Backpack by SedPL (several new colours made)
- Combat Helmet by Bethsoft (extensively modified)
- Head Wrap by Bethsoft (several new colours made)
- Wastelandchild03 outfit by Bethsoft (several new colours made)
- Wasteland Grunt outfit by Bethsoft (extensively modified)
- M40 Gas Mask by Sparky84 (minor additions to normal map)
- Assault Rifle Magazine by Ohnomelon
- Thigh Holster by Alexscorpion (several new colours made)

- The real-world 'Dragon Skin' body armour this mod is loosely based on is a product made by Pinnacle Armor.
- Most icons by The Third Type (a.k.a. T3T).
- Modified Bethsoft pistol equip/unequip animations (to fit Thigh Holster) by Kenkuro.
- NCR double-headed bear symbol by Bethsoft/Obsidian.
- Photoshop Scratch Brush from www.photoshopbrushes.com
- Photoshop Stitch Brush from www.obsidiandawn.com


- Please ask my permission before releasing mods that alter, are based on, or use assets from the Dragonskin Tactical Outfit mod.

- To possibly save people some time: I will almost certainly refuse requests to allow the release of a 'sexified' version of the outfit (for example with pieces removed to show great swathes of skin, or the female version modified to have gigantic breasts).


My e-mail address is [email protected]


By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, basically.

I am not associated in any way with Pinnacle Armor, the makers of the real-world 'Dragon Skin' body armour. The name 'Dragonskin' is only used as flavour text, and this mod does not aim to realistically represent the real-world performance of Pinnacle Armor's 'Dragon Skin' armour. If you are the copyright-holder of Pinnacle Armor's 'Dragon Skin' armour and believe your work has been used unfairly, please contact me using the contact details above.


Version 1.1 (09-12-11)
- Visual update/improvements to DTO outfits:
---- Added collar (mandarin style collar).
---- Increased resolution of several textures (notably shirt and pants) to match quality of tactical vest.
---- Knee/elbow pads backing and straps now defined via mesh and textures, rather than just flat textures, as they were before.
---- Tweaked size of misc. parts such as canteen and shotgun shells.
---- Improved rigging.
---- Added 'patches' to various parts of the outfit to be used for things like insignias, or left invisible if not needed.
---- Some other (required) shuffling around of textures. Old retexes (I'm referring to third-party ones) will not fit updated DTO meshes.
---- Fixed (mainly cosmetic) issues with dismemberment and VATS-targeting of the female version of the DTO outfit.
- Visual update/improvements to headgear items:
---- Balaclava no longer has integrated goggles; you can now see the wearer's eyes.
---- Following on from the above, the new item 'Tactical Goggles' has been added.
---- Changes to gas mask filter to make it somewhat more realistic.
- New icons by T3T.
- Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (NCR) is no longer covered by the DTO camo-swapping system, as it interfered with the game's faction disguise system.

Version 1.0.2 (15-11-10)
- Added Combat Backpacks (ten colour/camo variants).
- Implemented different method of adding items to Vendortron's merchant inventory (no potential compatibility issues now).
- Removed edit to placed ref of VendorContainerGunRunnerHQ (related to above point).

Version 1.0.1 (11-11-10)
- Re-introduced camo-swapping system now that NVSE is available.
- Added Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (NCR) and Dragon Combat Helmet (NCR).
- Added DTO items to more merchants, and to more locations in the game world.
- Removed edit to VendorArmorTier5 (Leveled List); DTO items added to Gun Runners' Vendortron via script now.
- Created optional DragonskinNCRPersonnelWearingOutfits.esp plugin.

Version 1.0 (01-11-10)
- Port of DTO v1.0.3 for Fallout 3.
- Camo-swapping system (and related art assets) omitted until NVSE is available.
- S10 Gas Mask renamed to M40 Gas Mask (which it more closely resembles).
- DTO items added to appropriate New Vegas merchants and locations. More to come in later versions, once I've seen more of the game.