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This mod is a combination of several modifications to the game. First, the mod fixes autoaim. Second, the mod improves VATS, including greater target acquisition range and melee attacking distance, more accurate shots etc. Finally, the binoculars have been improved to provide further magnification.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: if you downloaded v1.0c before, please redownload! THe wrong file was uploaded. It should be ok now. If you did not download the fixed version, please download again.

Added alternate versions that remove VATS invincibility or both that and the binocular changes

Actually FIXES autoaim instead of just removing it. And reverted the accuracy decrease with skill while in VATS to same as regular game.

Added a fresh version that does not have any testing items. (Although it did not affect the gameplay at all...)

Advanced VATS and Autoaim Fix with Improved Binoculars

This mod adds several modifications to the game to improve your playing experience.

Game Modifications:

1. Auto Aim fix

This mod fixes Autoaim. As you know, the auto-aim in the original game is kinda broken. Any scoped weapon is inaccurate once you go beyond a certain distance, and you can literally see your bullets "curve" and home in towards a faraway target. (At least it was in FO3, and since they're using the same engine, the problem probably still persists)

This mod fixes the focus of the Auto Aim to the edge of the game engine's rendering distance, and thus ensures that any bullet accurately goes to wherever your crosshair is pointing. (as long as your gun skill is decent)

2. VATS "Improvements"

Following from above, sniper rifles and any other scoped rifles do not benefit from the increased accuracy from their scopes during VATS. Further, enemies that you can engage via the scope in free-aim mode cannot be engaged via VATS mode if they are too far away.

This mod increases the VATS target acquisition range to the edge of the game engine's rendering distance.

This mod increases the distance from which VATS can be activated while wielding ranged weapons.
This mod increases the distance from which you can apply melee attacks while in VATS.
This mod removes the damage you can take while you are in VATS. (OPTIONAL)
This mod increases the "focus" range of melee weapons in VATS. Thus, the mod lets you "teleport" a short distance if you're holding melee weapons or unarmed weapons towards the target.

3. Binoculars improvements (OPTIONAL)
Binoculars can now zoom into the furthest detail the game engine allows, and the zoom-in animation has been changed from the dumb cartoon double circle to the standard sniper circle.

Just put it in your Bethesda Softworks\Fallout New Vegas\Data.

Author's Comments
I'll release more... interesting mods once I actually finish playing! NV seems much more engaging than FO3.