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MEC Gauss Minigun from FO Tactics, remodelled looks and animated lights, Uses custom craftable 2mm EC rounds, and uses my heavy weapon holstering mechanism.

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Made by DaiShi

My Fallout 3 MEC Gauss Minigun (from Fallout Tactics) is back with a bit more exquisite look.

Uses 2mm EC as Gauss weaps should be. Since i made the ammo (and i dont want to mess with loot lists), ammo is craftable if u have the proper blueprint. Weapon also uses my heavy weapon holstering mechanism. And have some running lights :)

Weap stats are from minigun but heavily modified:
- base dmg: 10
- fire rate: 25
- ammo cap.: 200
- on crit: knockdown
- exploding limbs
- weight: 30

Can be repaired w Gauss Rifles.

There are 2 type of ammo:
-2mm EC rounds:
-2mm EC APFSDS rounds
Lower spread and damage, and ignores damage resistance (since i dont know if NV still uses the flag it also has a lower DT effect)

-2mm EC rounds (50 science/200 rounds in a batch)
-3 Conductor
-5 Scrap Metal
-1 Scrap Electronics
-2mm EC APFSDS rounds (75 science/100 rounds in a batch)
-2 Conductor
-2 Scrap Metal
-1 Scrap Electronics
-1 Iron (...don't ask)

Weapon is in Marcus'Room (totally my favorite from FO2, so he gets my favorite FO weap), some ammo and the basic blueprint is there as well.
For APFSDS Ammo blueprint go to the Brotherhoods workshop.

Added Godlike esp with dmg raised from 10 to 24 but ammo craft output halved.

Changed the holstering script, maybe this new one will help for ppl that had some CTDs with it. thx Ridiane for the new script.

- Holstered weapon is using ArmorAddon3 slot, so it would conflict with anything that uses the same.

Known Issues:
- Boone got stuck with the holstered weapon once (it worked every other time) just give him back the MECGM so he woud equip it again, then something stronger to swap to, then get the MECGM.

Unzip it in Data folder, check .esp and time to visit Marcus.


Have Fun! And use the mod as u like (give Credit plz)

The still layered original texture files for most of my mods are availible on my website, if some1 want to make a retexture.

(and sorry about my bad english)