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Want sideburns but hate the \"Shaggy Sideburns\" that Fallout offers? Then this mod is for you!

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Name: Sideburns Pack
Version: 1.0
Author: Drew Oates
Date: 31/10/2010
Forums: Here
Nexus: Here

[size="7"]Sideburns Pack[/size]
Because We're Not All Hobos!

13/11/10 - Added the trimmed sideburns with vanilla facial hairs optional ESP. Now all three of the sideburns in the sideburns pack have optional beards.

12/11/10 - Added a new option ESP combining flared sideburns with vanilla facial hairs. Some of them look pretty cool, if I do say so, specifically beards that don't go all the way up to the hairline, but end somewhere along the jaw.

01/11/10 - Added an optional ESP that combines the long sideburns with the vanilla facial hairs (as requested by a few commenters), except the shaggy sideburns, because it looked terrible. Combo packs for the other sideburn styles coming soon!

01/11/10 - Added a note about requests to the description.

Want sideburns but hate the "Shaggy Sideburns" that Fallout offers? Then this mod is for you!
This pack adds three new sets of sideburns for you to use on your characters. I may add more in the future, if I can think of any other styles to use.
It also adds the eyebrow meshes, as for some reason they're missing from all the facial hairs. I would have done them all, but there's already a mod that does that and I don't want to steal his thunder. As a matter of fact, get it here!

The styles:

Trimmed: Based on my own sideburns, and the reason for creating this mod. They are trimmed sideburns that come down to about ear-level.
Long: Similar to the trimmed sideburns, but come down to jaw-level. They are also angled downwards so that they match the jaw line.
Flared: Same length as the long sideburns, but are thinner and curve outwards to a point for more of an Elvis feel. I figured they made sense seeing as how we're in Vegas!


There are two optional ESPs containing long or flared sideburns combined with vanilla facial hairs, including the eyepatch. I made them optional because there are a lot of styles, and some people may not like the clutter in the list. Styles with long sideburns are marked with "-LSB", and flared sideburns with "-FSB" although some of the longer names may cut the end off.
They are both compatible with each other, so feel free to use them both if you don't mind having a really long list of facial hairs.

About Requests
I'd just like to point out, that while I don't mind requests, I'm by no means an expert. If it sounds like a good idea and is something think I could do, I might look into it. But keep in mind that if your request is coupled with an endorsement, I'm bound to take your request into more consideration. Endorsements gives modders motivation to make updates, after all.

Extract the archive into your Fallout: New Vegas data folder ("C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data" by default, although I wouldn't recommend installing games there).

To remove this mod, go into your data folder and remove the following files:


Additional Notes
The sideburns don't look right on a lot of the shorter hairstyles in the game, but this is already a problem with beards too, as it seems most hairstyles wern't designed with facial hair in mind. But it matches with enough to give you some options. I don't know how it works with other hair mods, as I haven't tried any yet. If there are any major problems with hair it should work with, let me know.

The sideburns arn't perfectly even, and in some cases doesn't look as good on one side, though it's not very noticeable unless you're looking for it. I tried to adjust them, but just made it worse. I may come back later and fix this, if people find it to be enough of an issue.

I don't know if this is noteworthy, but for some reason all the sideburns appear at the top of the facial hairs list. I don't know if this is something I did, or if it would do this for all modified hairs, but if it was me I'd like to know. I don't want to look like an egotist putting my files before everyone elses. :P