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This mod replaces the cybernetic Rex with an Alsatian, also known as a German Shepherd.

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(UPDATE 2/22/2012: I haven't touched this mod in a long time and pretty much forgot about it. I won't be working or updating it anymore, people have discovered some mod conflicts and/or bugs, check the comments before using this mod)

A port of Slof's "Alsatian Dogmeat" from fallout 3.

This mod replaces Rex's character model with a male* German Shepherd.

I didn't like the idea of having to choose between a floating robot, or a robot dog. I really enjoyed Slof's Dogmeat mod for fallout 3, and I wanted to use it in New Vegas.

- I have yet to play through all of Rex's quests with this mod. As with any untested mod use caution! Just as with any RPG, save frequently!
- Rex's default attack stance displayed errors due to the original mod's heterochromia. His eyes have been reverted back to the default yellow.
- Rex has had his aggression tapered down a bit, he won't be so quick to run headlong into battle. Hopefully this should allow you more time to save him while he's busy kamikaze-dogging it up.

*Rex is now anatomically correct. As I've never seen a dog wearing pants I don't think this constitutes adult content. If this offends sensitive tastes there's no huge problem with making it adult. I don't want to limit the mod's accessibility over nothing.