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Huge expansion and remaking of crafting system based on Better ammo crafting mod. Craft became better for those who have not only repair, but also survival, explosives, science and medicine skills! NEW: Now you can craft every existing weapon mod!

Permissions and credits
I found vanilla crafting system quite small so I expanded it. Now you can craft your favorite ammos without having their casings or breaking old ammos. You can craft explosives and energy weapons. You can even make your own new armor with increased effects!

Also all recipe names was altered to make navigation and sorting craft menu easier (check screenshots).

Thanks everyone for your help with pointing out bugs and suggestions, this mod is quite far from done so I still accept any of your notes or help.

Main point of this mod is to make previously semi-weak skills more useful, crafting more fascinating and scavenging time worthing. Now you don't need to have high repair skill in order to have brand new energy, melee weapons and armor.
Repair:now you can craft all gun ammos without breaking your ammos for details. Also you can craft weapon mods with this skill.
Explosives:you can make any explosive you want to.
Science:you can craft energy weapons and stealth boys (!) at full condition. Also you can craft energy weapon mods with this skill.
Survival:Previously food skill now allows to craft melee weapon and armor, also all hides now can be used in armorcraft.
Medicine:few fixes and some new stuff.

Perks: Vigilant Recycler and hand loader allows you to craft advanced weapon mods for energy and normal guns making these skills more useful.
Craft place: new Chemical Laboratory for scientists and medics with all related recipes. Also needed to craft basic dynamite.
To be added:
Feel free to suggest.

1) Unpack the .esp file in your /data/ folder within the game directory.
2) Launch FalloutNVLauncher.exe.
3) Open DATA FILES link.
4) Check a little checkbox next to your .esp file.


Any mods that modify the default crafting lists or groups, also any mods altering repair kits can be incompatible.
Should work with any craft mods that adds new recipes without touching default ones.

For some reason there's no icon when you select recipe of an armor to craft. Recipes for weapon and armor strangely shows wrong value for relevant items.

All new crafted helmets don't have any animation since i removed it because it displayed incorrectly on the left side of head instead of normal. I haven't found any better solution but if you happen to know please tell me.
Added: Combat helmet MK2 is still may show wrong animation, note me if it is so.

Ver. 1.3.1

Most misc items participating in recipes weight was reduced. (6 wg per fission battery and 5 wg per conductor way too much imo)
Combat Armor, Reinforced Mk2 is back to old version, now crafting produces Cr. Combat Armor, Reinforced MK2.
Flamer and incinerator recipes now requires pilot light instead of paint guns.
Fixed 10mm ammo list so 10mm AP is not loaded in first place now. Same with flamer fuel napalm.
Ver. 1.3

Schematics: for now there's 4 schematics requires for 6 items and stealth suit now needs it in order to be crafted. They all can be brought from Ralph from Mick and Ralph's shop in freeside.

New items added: Cr. Plasma Defender, Cr. Multiplas Rifle, Cr. Combat armor, reinforced, Cr. Combat helmet Reinforced, Combat Armor, Reinforced MK2 (schem), Combat Helmet, Reinforced MK2 (schem), Cr. Incinerator, Cr. Heavy Incinerator, Flamer, Cr. Gauss Rifle(schem), Cr. Displacer Glove(schem), Missile Launch, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Mantis Gauntlet, Melting Grenade (schem), Iron Shell (chems).

All crafted items now named Cr. instead of Crafted.
Crafted Helmets don't have animation anymore (like you have normal helmless head) to prevent helmet animation bug (read bugs/issues).
Fiber recipe now produce 3 fiber instead of 4.
Breaking frag grenade gives only 1 scrap metal.
Breaking frag mine no more gives sensor module.
Breaking flamer fuel now requires 15 fuel and no more gives metal scraps.
Recycling camera now belongs to Recycling category instead of misc.
Fixed bug with recycling toasters.
Ver. 1.2.2
Fixed super stimpack skill req.
Fixed acid/strong acid items to prevent them from giving more skill than planned.
Added 9mm AP and 10mm AP ammos.
Added Utility Vest.
Added Stealth Suit.

Ver. 1.2.1
Added 4 new chemical labs. 1 in victor's shack (goodsprings), 1 in Novac, 1 in brotherhood bunker and 1 in lucky38 (you have to buy it, if it doesn't appear, drop misc item on floor and pick it up.)

New and changed recipes.
Reloading bench.
Added 25mm and 40mm grenades for craft.
Most primers now requires more items for craft.

Workbench: Added shishkebab.
Campfire: Added splint (new item for light limb patching, not tested)

Chemical Laboratory.
New ammo: Flamer Fuel - Napalm
Chems: Corrosive Acid, Strong Corrosive Acid (both makes it easier to lockpick hard locks), Persuasion, Advanced Persuasion (Increase barter and speech for a short amount of time with strong side effects).

Ver. 1.2

Unique melee weapons expect machete and sledge hammer (couldn't think for any good effects for them.

Added mod recipes for craft.(!!!) Best mods requires Hand Loader or Vigilant Recycler perks.

Added new craft place: Chemical Laboratory(looks like one in doc mitchel's house), all relative crafts moved there. Dynamite craft also now there.

Added craftable items: Wooden parts (used in many recipes), Fiber (used in advanced armor and some weapon mods), Crafted versions of Laser RCW, Combat armor, Combat helmet, Advanced Radiation Suit, Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles.
Added recycling: Baseball Bat, Pool Cue, Nail Board, Plunger, Crutch can be used to make wooden parts.

Changed recipes: Tin cans recycling now requires 2 cans per 1 scrap metal. Some melee weapon recipes was changed so now they requires wood parts.

Starting this version all next versions gonna be named Craft Overhaul 1.1 to prevent unique item loss from updating.
Special thanks to:
Miles Tails Prower for his Better Ammo Crafting mod which was my starting point;
streetstar5 for pointing out a reason of CTD and helping with solving.