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Changes the Vault 34 final event options. Lets you pick between saving the crops, saving the trapped people, or allowing you to do both at the same time.

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*EDIT* February 5, 2011

GOOD NEWS! Thanks to the diligent efforts of Nsinger998 the addon now completely works! As long as you have not already completed the quest the sharecroppers will now appear and the farmers will no longer exodus!

Nsinger998 was able to find a solution to my on going problem of not being able to locate the scripts necessary to modify the quest ending results, by right-clicking on the vault quest line and clicking 'use info' on the bottom of the list, you can show all scripts connected to the quest or item!

Unfortunately if you have already completed the quest and more than 2 in game days have passed, the vault dwellers will never appear :< .


I was completing this quest and the last optional encounter was to shut down the reactor OR save the trapped Vault dwellers. I was very annoyed that there was not a third option to do both with some prior condition such as having a high Science or Repair skill to complete both. But since this was my first time using the G.E.C.K editor I couldn't find an option to allow for a Science or Repair skill test/trigger to allow for the 3rd option to let you save both at the same time. So I just edited in the option to save both. I left the original 2 options there just in case people want to play have morale dilemmas.

Choosing this last option will give you completion bonus of the optional shut down reactor and saving the vault dwellers. And give you XP and Fame accordingly. They should spawn at their location later on if you wanted to go see them.

Should be able to just drop it into the data folder and activate.