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Well prepared fallout shelter with a couple of custom weapons and Ranger Armor.

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If you are in the middle of a game with a previous file simply rename this file to the same as the old one.

I wasn't satisfied with any of the homes I'd seen made for FONV so far so I decided to make my own with a fallout shelter theme.

Please check the screenshots section for the location of the fallout shelter hatch. It's located next to the large propane tank and ruined house in front of the saloon in Goodsprings. The no gear file is practically devoid of supplies, with only a few random supplies being able to spawn in the refrigerator, toolboxes, and footlockers.

I borrowed from the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse and modded/expanded it into a much more usable base of operations for the player and placed it in Goodsprings. I tried to make it as realistic as I could imagine while not being too big nor too small. Everything is a comfortable distance from everything else yet it does not feel too cramped. It has:

Oven (used for crafting like a campfire)
Reloading Bench
Water Fountain
Loads of storage
A few skillbooks
Some supplies (food, water, first aid)
M1 Garand
Blade Runner pistol
Ranger Armor

As an added bonus, I've added a few pieces of gear to the bunker for flavor that are very welcome in my eyes. Inside is an M1 Garand and a different version of That Gun (renamed to 2019 Detective Special) that uses .44Mag ammo along with 2 sets of modded Ranger Combat Armor that have actual stats. One set of armor will flag you as NCR and the other will not. None of them change the originals.

The 2019 Detective Special cannot be removed from your inventory so you can use it as a "holdout" weapon in the casinos. To repair, the 2019 uses .44 magnums, Garand uses Hunting Rifles, and Ranger Armor/Helm uses Combat Armor/Helms.

I added the Garand and Ranger armor because I never saw either until the very very end of my first playthrough (I was never even able to find the Garand), while in the 2019, I wanted a decent "concealed carry" pistol that was unique without being overpowered. So they're there with some supplies for people that want them. Take them or leave them or even use the file that doesn't include the weapons and supplies if you wish.

If anybody has any problems or suggestions, please let me know. My only dissatisfaction with the mod was that I can't get the clean refrigerator to animate. I also wanted to place the entrance to the shelter inside an abandoned shack, but could not work out the companion teleport problems from the shack cell to the bunker cell.

To Install, simply place the files (or only one) in your \Fallout New Vegas\Data\ folder and checkmark whichever one you wish to use in the Launcher under Data Files.

To Uninstall, simply delete either files you previously placed (be sure to leave nothing inside the home you don't want to lose however).