Nude Ray 5000 by PlatPlay
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Added: 29/10/2010 - 06:17AM
Updated: 29/10/2010 - 09:47PM

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Nude Ray 5000!

Author: PlatPlay
Idea Source: Ell223
Ver: 1.2
Location: Right outside Goodspring saloon in the wagon.


A recharger pistol that's on the frits! It doesn't
hurt anyone, it only nukes their cloths, well strips
them of them anyway.


*Removes NPC Armour Temporarily
*Get yelled at but not attacked!
*Placate enemies temporarily as they are dumfounded by the loss of their clothing
*Endless fun! Recharging ammo!
*Compatible with everything, even those evil nude mods!


1: Unrar.
2: Copy into your NV data folder (Wherever Steam is installed STEAM/SteamApps/common/Fallout new Vegas/Data)
3: Enable in Data option on FONV launcher.
4: Enjoy.

== Future Plans ==
Remove headgear
Hide wepons
Adjustable nude length

== Update: V 1.3 ==
*Now with super cool glow effect on every target! Watch their cloths just evaporate away!

== Update: V 1.2 ==
*No longer removes items!
*All victims will remain nude for 30 seconds before finding their cloths again.
*They still keep their weapons and all their items.

Note: Nude ray only effects body armour currently, not helmets or weapons.

== Update: V 1.1 ==
*Removed agro from all npc's after zapped!
*Will tame hostile enemy's for up to 30s! (their to shocked at where their cloths went to know what to do)