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  1. User_32830670
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    dude i dont know, i know its been years since this mod came out and i tried it out of curiosity
    it sure worked the first time i used it with enhanced camera, now here's my problem...
    when i uninstalled it, it didnt do anything, the camera still stayed the same..honestly i dont know what im doing wrong, im probably an idiot if i am doing something wrong but any help would be appreciated

    NEVERMIND HAHAHA i got a bit dumb, a bit, partial stupidity hit me good
  2. EMT2010
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    Love it bro. I like how you can look down and see your arms. I wish there was a mod to see your feet. I always hated how FPS games never add feet. Like how Halo does it, or Dead Island even.
    1. skyrim1dude
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      There's the enchanted camera mod for NV. Go look it up if you haven't.
  3. grandmastersexay
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    Great mod! For those wanting to see their feet along with this mod download Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55334/?
  4. ctarshis01
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    This is a great mod. If you have a weapon animation replacer don't worry, they're compatible.
  5. LukeEndo
    • member
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    If you want the gun following the crosshair, change FirstPersonHandFollowMult to 1
  6. larkendar
    • member
    • 101 posts
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    please do the opposite like tycholarfero said
  7. chimeric929
    • member
    • 41 posts
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    what program did you use to do this?
  8. Tycholarfero
    • member
    • 173 posts
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    Now can you do the opposite, where the gun actually follows the crosshair?

    If not, that is fine.
  9. Xanorak
    • member
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    So, any plans to make the gun more down to the waist?
  10. ancalimonungol
    • member
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    I played Arma2. Although I like it that you can see your body, I don't like the independent head movement. I'd rather we had a head movement with limited speed (more natural) and I'd rather 1st person view connected to 3rd person view.