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Allows you to keep used versions of any skill books and magazines you read.

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Beloved Books

Every time you read a skill book or magazine, a "used" version of that book or magazine is added to your inventory. The Comprehension perk no longer increases the points granted from skill books by 1, but allows you to read a used skill book for 1 additional point. With this change there's no need to delay using skill books until you acquire Comprehension!

Skill books have the suffix "[Used x1]" once read, or "[Used x2]" after re-reading (possible only with the Comprehension perk). All magazines now weigh 0.5 lb and used ones will have the suffix "[Used]". Used books and magazines remain in the Aid section of your inventory. Note that although the used skill books appear instantly in your inventory, used magazines only appear after reopening your Pip-Boy.

The main file comes in 2 parts:
  • FalloutNV_BelovedBooks.esm
  • FalloutNV_BelovedBooks.esp
Extract these files into the "Data" folder within your Fallout: New Vegas installation directory, and ensure they are enabled using the "Data Files" option in the game launcher, or by using a tool such as Fallout Mod Manager.

Do the same for any optional files you download.

  • Main File
      "FalloutNV_BelovedBooks.esp" overrides skill books, skill magazines, and the perk "Comprehension". Make sure to load this after any other plugins that affect these items otherwise this mod may not function correctly.
  • Lonesome Road Compatibility Patch
      "FalloutNV_BelovedBooks_LonesomeRoad.esp" overrides Lonesome Road's recipes for the Voracious Reader perk.

You may customize the behavior of the Comprehension perk by changing the global variable "iBBComprehension" from its default of 1:
  • If iBBComprehension is 0 or less, the default behavior of the perk will restored as in an unmodded Fallout: New Vegas.
  • If iBBComprehension is 1 or greater, the perk will only allow you to read used skill books, increasing the appropriate skill by the value of iBBComprehension.
To change iBBComprehension enter the command "set iBBComprehension to <VALUE>" in the game console.