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This mod boosts all shotguns to keep them kicking ass forevermore. Based on McWilliam\'s Improved Shotgun Performance mod.

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Welcome to Servalion's #00 Commando mod.
This is based on McWilliam's Improved Shotgun Performance mod found at
http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35402 ,
and borrows some elements from it with his permission.

Anyone who plays FPS games a lot knows of a common problem between them - the shotguns.
They're almost always an option, yet are seldom done right, and thus fall to the wayside long
before the endgame. They're usually wildly inaccurate and have a usefulness of about 2-5 meters,
depending on the game. Quite sad, really. Fallout 3 isn't much different without mods,
but the issue's worse in New Vegas. Almost 4 times the shotgun selection of Fallout 3, and yet most
of them suck, due to NEW problems.

McWilliam had the right idea with his mod, but once I started using it, I noticed other issues as well.
A primary flaw was this - Shotguns in NV for whatever reason fire 7 projectiles.
This coupled with their crazy vanilla spread caused a LOT of missing, even close up.
This is my first attempt to change this forever.
All the game's shotguns (Aside from the Sturdy Caravan Shotgun) have been tweaked.

Here's a quick list of what to expect -

- All shotguns have had their spread reduced considerably (Sawn-off Shotgun only some).

- All shotguns now fire 8 projectiles to resemble #00 grade buckshot (hence the mod name).

- Most shotguns have had their overall damage bumped up some.

- Some shotguns have been given improved durability to deal with the increased damage.

- Furthermore, most specialty loads have also been greatly altered - (New 1.4 Changes!)
- Slugs are back to default accuracy, but now only do their original damage. The -15 Enemy DT bonus remains.
- Magnum loads hit MUCH harder. (50% more damage), but also maintain the vanilla condition penalty and slight DT reduction.

- 12 Gauge Coin loads are quite literally Legion. (+20% spread increase, DT x2.00, Gun Condition x 3.00, Damage +15%, 4 Projectiles. Costs only 4 Denarius now.)
- 12 Gauge Bean Bags have been turned into Riot Tazers! These are now basically rubber slugs with an electric charge within. They're at least TWICE as effective as plain bean bags and leave a noticable shock effect. I just wish I could make their bodies twitch and convulse while unconscious. I think someone's FO3 mod might have accomplished this. I must find out who!

The latest update has also added a Workbench recipe to Refurbish a Denarius with 2 Mangled ones. The recipe requires 25 Repair skill (new in 1.4)

This should be enough to keep a couple shotguns on you at all times. Suffice to say, Big Boomer, Dinner Bell & the Riot Shotgun are solid contenders now. Give it a try and blast away.

Simply download and copy the .esp file to the Data folder in your Fallout New Vegas directory.

NOTE - This mod edits pretty much only the shotguns and their respective ammos. Odds are that any weapon mods that may include shotgun edits in any way will conflict.
Make sure you load this .esp after any such mods if possible.

Credits to McWilliam for starting the idea, I merely took it further.
I give permission for all to use this in their mods as long as credit is given where due.