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\"Rifles\" plural, this time.

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What is the point of those portholes on the plasma weapons? You'd think you could peer inside and see more plasma... but nope.

This mod solves this by opening up the portholes and putting some hot plasma inside the chamber. Not just for the regular Plasma Rifle like the original FO3 mod, but also for the Mag Accelerator upgraded rifle as well, and even cooler... the Multiplas Rifle.

Not visible from most shooting angles, but makes for pretty screenshots, and also glows for NPCs too, which is even better in FONV since plasma rifles are more common outside the Enclave.

This mod also does some alpha property improvements to the muzzle flash and projectiles for all plasma weapons. It also makes the magnetic accelerator upgrade less clunky looking, and adds a proper SightingNode and makes the glowing dot sight brighter.

It also adds some new sounds: a unique equip/unequip for the affected rifles, and a looping electrical sizzle SFX for projectiles.

UPDATE v1.1: Now adds "Unstable Microfusion Cells", available only for the plasma rifle. Craftable at a workbench at E-weaps 50, for 2 overcharged MF cells, 5 standard Electron Charge Packs. Shoot one and see what happens.

Missed a piece of the mag accelerator upgrade. Put in place again, and resized as well.

Packed a missing texture in.

v1.2: Completely revamped the multiplas rifle to get better allocated UVW and higher detail normals. Done so by splicing together the good parts of the regular plasma rifle and the multiplas rifle, and doing a fair bit of rearranging. Also removed some redundant mesh pieces.

v1.3: (Hopefully) fixed a bug with the regular Plasma Rifle's texture set overrides. Also further improved the new spliced Multiplas mesh (new back cap edge) and also gave the Q-35 Matter Modulator a workover, including a proper 1stPerson texture set.

v1.31: Reinstated the proper ironsights on the Plasma rifle basic and the Q35. Also increased the size of the Multiplas's muzzle assembly.

v1.32: Updated damage and ammo use values to match those in Official v1.2.314 patch.

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