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Allows you to make Counterfeit Bottle Caps and use them as currency.

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UPDATE: Complete overhaul. Works exactly like I want now. Details below.

Do you ever wonder what exactly the point of Counterfeit Bottle Caps was? There's very little information to be found in the Cap Counterfeiting Shack about who was making fake caps or why. It's also slightly disappointing that the caps themselves can't be used for anything. No quests require them, no vendors will take them (for money anyway), and you can't even use them in crafting. Kinda disappointing, innit?

I thought so too, so I took the idea and ran with it. I've changed Counterfeit Caps into a currency item that you can use like you would use Legion or NCR money, coincidentally worth 1 cap. Of course, using fake currency is a bad thing, so you will lose Karma for buying things with fake caps, at a rate of 1 Karma for every 15 caps you use (minimum of 1 Karma lost).

I didn't stop there though. I figured not only should Counterfeit Caps be usable as money, you ought to be able to craft them. To that end, I've placed two new items in the Cap Counterfeiting Shack's basement: a Bottle Cap Mould, and a note describing its use. Once you have these two things and a few other items (most conveniently already on the table) you can set about making your very own Counterfeit Bottle Caps! The recipe calls for a Science skill of 30 and the following:

1 Bottle Cap Mould
1 Empty Nuka-Cola Bottle
1 Hammer
1 Paint Gun
1 Tin Can or Bent Tin Can

The recipe will produce 18 Counterfeit Caps, or 15 if you used a Bent Tin Can. Only the Tin Can is used; the rest of the items remain in your inventory, untouched.


Karma penalties are applied when you exit the dialog with the merchant, and are calculated on a bartering session basis, not each individual transaction. To use an example, if you buy a Caravan Card from a merchant using 3 Counterfeit Caps, hit accept, then spot another card you want and buy that for another 3 Counterfeit Caps, you will only lose 1 Karma point when you finally exit the dialog with the merchant.

Similar to my Easier Mass Purified Water mod, the listed requirements for this recipe will change depending on what you have in your inventory. If you do not have all of the items listed above the recipe will remain greyed out as normal. Once you assemble all of the needed items though the recipe will change. The only listed requirement will be a Tin Can or Bent Tin Can, meaning you can produce as many 15- or 18-count sets of Counterfeit Caps as you want in one go.

To be clear, the EFFECTIVE requirement will not change, and you will still need a Hammer, Paint Gun, Empty Nuka-Cola Bottle, and Bottle Cap Mould in addition to the Tin Can. The only difference is that now you will be able to craft all your Counterfeit Caps in one go, instead of having to craft one set, wait for the game to give you your unused items back, enter the Workbench menu AGAIN, craft another set, wait for the game to give you your unused items back AGAIN, etc. etc. etc.